Snafwho iPhone Review

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Finding the right professional for your needs isn’t the easiest thing. Neither is connecting to clients when you are operating on your own. Luckily Snafwho is here to help users and consultants wherever they are. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:


– Search our network of professionals
– Find consultants for your problem or needs
– Connect instantly via video, audio or text chat
– Learn from trusted professionals with years of experience
– Rate your consultants

– Create a consultant profile
– Share your skills and experience with the world
– Schedule your availability for clients
– Receive requests from users around the world
– Provide your consultation services and monetize your lessons
– Get featured on our app

Snafwho brings consultants and users together in one app, so there are options to join as a user or a consultant. Users simply need to register a username and email address and identify the country of residence for their account. Once setup, search through all registered consultants with skills ranging from medical, financial, automotive, legal and more. Then call right within the app.

If instead you have a skillset you’d like to advise others on, register as a consultant on Snafwho. The information required is similar to that of a job application. Fill out experience, skills that fit your expertise, and keywords for users to find you. Upload your resume to view on your profile, include a profile picture, and other pictures of your work if it pertains, then list a PayPal email for payment. Lastly, set pricing for in-app audio and video calls for consulting via smartphone with prices set per minute so users know the cost of the consult up front.

The Snafwho app has promise. I like how easy it is to register and the fact that there are a wide variety of consultants. That being said, as a user I did have some trouble using the app. Though my registration was simple enough and login was a breeze, into the next day I began getting an error when I tried to login, even receiving a pop-up stating my account was no longer valid. Outside of those troubles, it is a great way for people to find local experts for advice, as well as freelance professionals to get their name out there, no matter what they do. Though currently in the United States there were not many consultants for me to reach out to, as it gains traction I could see this becoming very useful.

For users looking for a quick consult or others wanting to help others with their own knowledge there is Snafwho. The app is currently available in the App Store for free.


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