Snap2PDF iPhone Review

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Snap2PDF - Scan Documents & Share Searchable PDF - Penpower Technology Ltd.

This one is for all of you productivity junkies out there. After all, smartphones aren’t just for fun and games. They are suppose to help us in daily life as well. App developers are coming up with some great stuff out there to do just that, and it isn’t all just for the business pros either. Snap2PDF – Scan Documents & Share Searchable PDF is one such simple tool that could be useful to just about anyone. 

The Snap2PDF app from Penpower Technology Ltd. is a digital scanning application that enables you to use your camera from your iPhone to turn any document into a PDF. A very simple concept for an app but it really has multiple uses. For instance, Snap2PDF allows you to take multiple images for docs that are more than one page, keeping the files together for easy use. The anti-shake function makes taking a clear picture a breeze and there is also special image enhancing features, including Image Rectification and Gamma correction, to help brush up images. I found this especially helpful with images that had lighting issues. My favorite feature by far was the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that was able to identify text and recognizes up to 21 languages! 

I used Snap2PDF on several documents and it worked flawlessly. Within the app I took pictures of my documents, adjusted the images, converting text with the OCR and transferred to PDF. After creating my file I had the choice of emailing as an attachment, opening in any application on my phone that also supported PDF and even downloading to DropBox. The DropBox integration I found extremely helpful and the easiest way for me to access my files from both my phone and my computer. When I did open it in Adobe I tested the OCR by copying and pasting directly from the document. It worked really well and there were very few misinterpretations, usually just a few capital letters in the middle of some of the words. The upload speed of the documents was also very impressive. I could see this as a great tool to use if you needed to get a copy of a file to someone quickly and in a usable format, especially since you can email to anyone.

Aside from turning important documents into a more versatile digital medium, it keeps them all within the app neat and organized. Details about each file can be added and edited such as Name, Description, Category and Keyword. These details make it easy to identify the files and also helps when searching for a specific one. The search bar in the file management feature of the app will utilize words you have added in the info of the document to find files you may have forgotten the names of. Though you can also see them sorted by name and category. 

Snap2PDF does what it says it does with excellent quality and execution, and it’s also one of the handiest scanning apps I’ve seen. It does come with a price tag at $3.99, but if you are the business professional on the go – or anyone with the desire to keep their docs organized – the features of this app could save you a ton of time and money. 

Snap2PDF - Scan Documents & Share Searchable PDF - Penpower Technology Ltd.


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  1. Nice review! Could you some examples of OCR–maybe a real scanned PDF or screenshot showing recognizable OCRed texts in a PDF? 😀

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