SnapVault Pro for Snapchat iPhone Review

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The recent SnapChat craze is causing quite a stir about privacy – and also a whole new slew of apps looking to get around it. Though it was designed to be a private photo sharing app everyone seems to want to save those snaps. One such app is aimed at doing so but in a more secure way.

SnapVault Pro by Read Hauck allows users to view their snaps within the app while also saving them to folders with secure passwords. There’s no registration or sign-up, just sign in with your SnapChat info and go. View your snaps, then save and organize them into folders. Here is their description from the App Store:

***Snap Vault is built around SECURITY. Unlock your own personal private vault for all saved pics and videos from Snapchat***manage,organize and share your snaps…NEW.. on ALL NEW SOCIAL MEDIA SITES and …Drag-N-Drop snapvault image 2your saved pics into personal password protected folders or trash bin***

Introducing a private new world of personal control and organization for saving your snaps.

Its your world, Run it-

* -Drag-n-Drop it- technology for easy photo moving and trash bin for deleting
* -Secure it -Password protection for all Folders
* -Own it -Create and name your own folders
* -Control it-assign passwords to each folder
* -See it – Supports both photos and videos
* -Share it – Send directly to Facebook, Tumblr, AND Twitter
*-Hush it- The other user will never know you saved the message
*-Send it- Send your saved snaps from your camera roll/photo album
*- iOS 7 ready.

Save your snapchats to your camera roll without the sender knowing and view them as many times as you like, and make your own folders to organize and create your own world. Print snaps from your preferred method from the camera roll.

*Disclaimer: Snap Vault is not affiliated with Snapchat, Inc and you are advised to read the Snapchat terms of service before using Snap Vault

The ability to privately store photos and other media from your Snapchats will be of great use to many users, either to the camera roll or to folders that you are able to create yourself. This adds a handy level of privacy and security that the basic Snapchat app or service just does not have. Yes, it is a core feature of Snapchat to remove photos and messages, but there are sometimes images you really want to keep, and this app is a real boon for people wanting to do just that.

The extra level of security offered by being able to password protect your folders from prying eyes should not be underestimated

One thing I should mention is that is is important that you open SnapVault before going into SnapChat when you get images, otherwise there will be no way of retrieving them!

SnapVault Pro was, overall a really decent addition to SnapChat. The extra things it brings to the service are welcome and some may say should be part of the SnapChat core offering, although there would be some that would say that the idea behind the app doesn’t fit with the whole ethos of SnapChat. I would disagree, as it is always better to have more options.

SnapVault Pro is $1.99 and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



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