Solitaire Quest iPhone Review

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I like it when a developer takes a classic game, adds in modern themes and ideas, paints it in a sheen of tasty graphics and yet still manages to keep what made the game special in the first place.

Now, most modern reworkings fall far short of this standard, but I am pleased to report that Solitaire Quest has nailed it.

Solitaire Quest takes you on a journey with a character called The Countess, who acts as a guide, across 300 levels. Each level has been lovingly created with hand drawn backgrounds really giving the game a sense of place and progression. Adding items and abilities to the core Solitaire gameplay, this manages to give the traditionally slow-paced game a real kick, with a good sense of pressure applied to the player, although not too much.

The difficulty is actually spot on, with a slow increase that really does start to rest you deeper into the game, while letting newer players get a grip with a milder opening suite of stages.solitaire quest

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Over 300 unique levels and 96 different expeditions­

– Beautiful hand­drawn scenery and captivating artwork which brings the ancient world to life!

– Joker cards and treasure chests on every level!

– Use special powers and magic items to defeat levels!

– Collect diamonds and use them to unlock more magic abilities!

– Win gold for completing levels and putting together clever streaks of cards!

– Play with your friends by setting scores on each level of sharing progress on your quest!

I know it may sound strange to wax lyrical about the graphics in a Solitaire game, but this really has been incredibly well designed. With even the cards used being gorgeous to look at, the backgrounds and character design are absolutely top-notch, so full kudos to the artist.

Solitaire Quest has plenty to see and do, and also has some social options, such as scores on each stage and progress sharing. I would like to see some multiplayer functionality added in the future, and yes I know this is a Solitaire game, but I feel that some kind of cooperative quest would be excellent.

Overall, if you are looking for a Solitaire game with a difference, and one that really adds to the genre, then Solitaire Quest is well worth a look. It adds a full quest with hundreds of beautifully created stages and has unrivalled presentation in the genre, and so comes highly recommended.


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