Solitaire Time Warp: Cards iPhone Review

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Electronic solitaire has been around for a while and there are plenty of versions to choose from in the App Store. Finding a unique one can be hard to do. Or is it? Solitaire Time Warp: Cards combines all the classic rules of solitaire with a time travel theme that keeps things interesting. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Take a trip through time and space in the best FREE solitaire game! Follow the cranky kitty through history and explore new worlds by playing solitaire with a time turning twist.

Start out in Ancient Egypt and play Pyramid Solitaire through tombs. Play Klondike underwater in the Lost City of Atlantis until you find the next portal. Each card game takes you to a new world and time!

Your feckless feline travel companion will grow on you as he leads you through increasingly difficult levels. Play all your favorite Solitaire card games – Golf, Spider, Yukon and more – throughout history.

Unlock free games while you enjoy brand new levels, unique challenges, fun bonus games, and a fresh experience on an old classic! Solitaire Time Warp offers hundreds of levels in multiple unique worlds.

The opening animation of the game depicts a big red button that is strongly advised NOT to push. From the left enters a black cat on a shelf, knocking over items willy nilly, until one item falls on the button activating a time machine, sucking the poor cat in. Now starts a time warp solitaire adventure. Next is a tutorial. The player is given an active card. Like classic solitaire, click on the next card in the sequence from the other arranged ones on the table. The sequence can travel up or down when clearing cards on the board. Keep in sequence and earn star rewards the longer the streak continues. Draw an active card from the pile when there are no more options on the table to finish the run, ending the streak. The tutorial completed, now the powers of time are enabled and there is now an undo button available to reverse mistakes during play.

As users travel from one time to the next, winning rounds earn coins that are needed to play each level, buy additional active cards, and pay for the undo option. The more active cards left unused at the end of the rounds, the more coins earned. There are opportunities for free plays and bonus coins are earned on a daily and even hourly basis. Stars that are awarded at the end of each level will also help unlock more solitaire games. Difficulty increases as obstacles like locked cards, bombs, and card eaters are added.

The levels in this app are visually appealing with animations and music to fit the tones of each time period theme. Play through Egypt, Atlantis, the wild west and more. I found Solitaire Time Warp: Cards very enjoyable. It was simple to understand how to play yet the added obstacles along the way made it fun and challenging. With each card table arranged differently, I never felt bored and found it hard to put down.

Solitaire Time Warp: Cards, not the standard solitaire most are used to, but definitely worth the download for card game enthusiasts. The app is available now for free in the App Store. Android users can also find it on Google Play here.


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