Songify iPhone Review

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Ahh, the entertainment section of the app store. It is riddled with anything ranging from junk to crap. I mean, do people really pay for apps that claim to scan your finger for security or tell you if you are a moron? Please! Though there are occasionally titles that come along that just plain pick up speed and take off. Bouncing off the success of fun musical apps like I Am T-Pain, here comes Songify.

Songify is a quirky fun app from The Gregory Brothers, otherwise known as the guys who brought you the YouTube sensations “AutoTune The News” and “The Bed Intruder”. These guys have teamed up with Khush Inc., the creators of the reverse karaoke app LaDiDa, and their unique technology to turn speech into music. That’s right, auto tune your voice automatically and manipulate it into a song. Simply tap to record, speak into the phone, press the button to stop recording and voila, you’ve made a song! You can record a maximum of 60 seconds at one time and there are various styles of backing tracks to choose from. They have even included some tracks from their hit videos.

The app is free and currently there are only three tracks that are included. The rest are in app purchases where you can buy individual tracks for $1 and some that are grouped into packs. All created tracks are able to be saved and even shared through Facebook and Twitter. There is also a “Winning!” section that displays the top and most recent tracks shared by users. It’s compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later and iPod touch works with Apple earbuds and built in microphone.

Anyone enjoying fun, musical apps like LaDiDa and I Am T-Pain should check this one out. You can get Songify at the price of free as a featured FreeAppADay store app, so hurry before the price goes up! It will definitely keep you busy and coming up with more creative and hilarious ways to share yourself.



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