Soone: Find Dates and Friends iPhone Review

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There are lots of ways out there to connect online, along with apps that can help. Once those connections are made, seldom do they turn into a real-world interaction. Soone: Find Dates and Friends wants to help users come together in person, and in real-time. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Soone makes dating easy and convenient. Meet people in your area and get 2 hours to chat and pick a place to meet. With Soone, real-world connections matter.
Soone is only available in Charlotte, NC (for now). If you aren’t seeing potential connections, don’t worry. We are heading to your city Soone!

Soone was created to fast-track making new connections. Date, find new friends, or expand your business network with an app that values in-person connections. No more endless swiping or liking that rarely leads to an in-person interaction. Soone makes local dating easy and connects you to people ready to meet in the moment. Connection apps were designed for people to meet, so why not actually do it?

Soone is all about connections, whether it be for friends, professional networking, or dating. The app aspires to get users out there and meet in the real world instead of just on their phones. Like most social apps, the app account creation begins with a profile. Some standard questions include media and travel interests, as well as hobbies and music likes. Preferences for types of meet-up places are ranked so the app knows what the most comfortable setting is, like cafes or nightclubs. General prompts are then completed, like a favorite way to spend a Saturday for more insight on the user. Lastly, what types of people the person is looking for, including gender preference, age, and whether they are looking to date, find friends, or network. The profile can always be updated when things change.

Soone requires location services to find users nearby so members can connect in person, but does state they will never reveal exact locations. Instead, locations are displayed in ‘hot spots’, or public places that have more than five active Soone users within one mile. Once a connection request is sent it must be accepted within 30 minutes in a chat box along with a list of certified meet-up spots. It will stay open for 2 hours for members to organize a meeting before the connection is closed. Since this involves people meeting in person, safety is also a big concern. Soone combats catfishing by requiring users to verify their identity with face verification technology during the sign-up process. Once their face is scanned, they can upload a profile picture that meets the face verification.

No posts to share or news feed to check, this social app is about meeting real people, right now. Just check the heat map and make a connection. Though socializing could be done the old-fashioned way, with small talk to those in the area, Soone gives a bit of assistance with a profile that can be checked first that helps pre-screen connections with interests and intention information. The idea is definitely appealing, and definitely different. There were a few hiccups when creating my account, mostly with the photo scan, but otherwise, it was a breeze. According to the App Store, Soone is only available in Charlotte, North Carolina for the time being, so unfortunately I could not use it as intended in my area, but it should be expanding soon. The best part is there are no in-app purchases or memberships involved.

Stop endlessly swiping on virtual possible connections and meet new people in person with Soone’s assistance. In this post-pandemic world, it’s time to get out and meet up. The app is available now for free in the App Store. Android users can also find it in Google Play.


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