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Sort It – Sorting Game, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is a pretty unassuming title, and one that looks as though it doesn’t do much different from dozens of other games already available on iOS. Now, while that may be partly true as it doesn’t truly innovate in a gameplay fashion, it is actually a bit of a slow burner and soon begins to show its quality through extended play.

Sort It is actually very addictive, and I found myself returning to it time and time again; even outside the boundaries of reviewing it. It does become quite compulsive, which really is a rarity on iOS these days, especially for me, a seasoned and weary iOS reviewer.sortitios

The game simply asks you to sort different coloured packages into their correct chutes. When one appears on the screen, you simply drag it to the desired location, with more and more appearing, and the ones you miss pile up at the bottom of the stage. There are also a series of bombs that will appear on-screen, which you obviously need to avoid. Once a few packages start to pile up it can become pretty stressful, especially when you get ‘Overload’ activated after 25 packets pile up, giving you just 5 seconds to clear the backlog before it is game over.

Chaining several correct moves together earns you a ‘sorting streak’, the maintenance of which is key to getting the best scores, and you need to keep an eye out for special multicoloured packages, which activate a ‘frenzy’, allowing you to post packages where you like for a short time, including bombs.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Fun and addicting 3D puzzle game
Colorful, detailed graphics
Pleasurable music with electrifying sound effects
15 colors of both packages and chutes that change randomly during every new game

Yes, the game has a simple premise alongside simple gameplay, but this is one addictive title. The 3D graphics are good-looking and really required for the angle that the packages pile up, and the music is suitable for the game with decent sound effects. I must note that the game did crash on me twice (iPhone 6) during my time with the review.

The game is free to download and play, with two in-app purchases upgrades available which give you the ability to fill the screen and revive after death. However, these are not the kind of IAPs that are needed to progress and are just there as an optional extra.

Overall, this is a very good little time waster, with addictive gameplay and bright, attractive graphics. I can’t stop playing, and I am sure anyone downloading this will feel the same.


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