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The App Store definitely has a variety of things to choose from. There are apps that have a ton of uses and then those that are for very specific ones. Like this one, SOSglasses, specifically for when you are lacking a pair of reading glasses.

SOSglasses by WPTRNPT LTD. solves the never-ending problem of walking out the door without your reading glasses. Here is the apps full description:

Forgotten your reading glasses again? SOSglasses comes to the rescue! Read menus, bills, maps or importantSOSglasses image 2labelling information without your reading glasses!

With its best in class augmented reality mode (AR), it even lets you read in candle light without using the all embarrassing torch.

– Other features include:
– Smooth Zoom up to factor 15 in high resolution (pinch)
– AR mode to read without torch in dim lighting (slider)
– Photo capture for documentation
– Clean, easy to use interface (e.g. tap anywhere on screen to focus, pinch to zoom)
– Invert text mode if you prefer
– Shift main controls to left if you prefer (just tilt right instead of left into landscape mode)
– Strain-free Sepia mode (may be more comfortable for some of our readers, for example with Visual Stress Syndrome)
– AR mode reduces the noise, enhances the text and still feels natural to the eyes

For iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 plus only (at this moment). For all recent iOS versions, with iOS 8.0 at minimum.

We will be adding more exciting features! Join the family and share your best stories where SOSglasses helped you, share pictures, ideas or just make us smile by telling us you like it. Get in touch now:

As specific as this need might be, it is a very common one. What is one to do when out at a restaurant and can’t read the menu? Download this app and be worry free that you will be able to read it all. Simply open the app and put it in front of the item you are trying to read. Adjust the settings by pinching to zoom and tapping areas you are needing to be in focus. To ease eye strain you can change to a sepia tone or even invert the color of text if that makes it easier. There is even a built-in button for snapping a pic of your item to refer back to later. The app is built for use in even low light environments.

The idea behind this app seems so simple, but is such a no brainer. What I really like about it is it doesn’t just magnify the area, but stabilizes the words so it is easier to read. The other added features are definitely an extra bonus, I am a big fan of the sepia tone as anything on a white background makes it more difficult for me to focus. I not only tried it on printed documents but found it worked on digital media as well. It may not be an app everyone needs, but it is certainly a handy one to have around for those that do.

SOSglasses is a great tool to add to your app collection, and while it isn’t free, the small fee is well worth it. SOSglasses is available now in the App Store for $0.99.


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