Space Shuttle Missions iPhone Review

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Space Shuttle Missions - Chris Gbandi5 4,3,2,1, BLAST-OFF! And away into space you go. But once you blast-off, you must have somewhere to go, some sort of destination. Space Shuttle Mission is a game with just that point in mind. The object of this seemingly simple game is to land your space shuttles safely on the platform, without crashing them into each other.

Controls are even easier. The game warns you that a space shuttle is about to appear when a green dot appears along any of the four sides. Once they come into view and you can see the drawing of the shuttle, you use your finger to draw a line from the front of the space shuttle to the tip of an available platform.

Shuttles can only be landed on the platform sides with the flashing red and yellow square, so beware. Be very aware of how you draw the lines, because the shuttle will follow that exact path, including sharp turns and total 180’s. Drawing a shuttles path that intersects another shuttle could result in crashing of the two shuttles and an instant game over, if they happen to intersect at the same time, so beware. Also, if you do not draw the line to the correct spot on the platform, the space shuttle can develop its own mind and fly off and cause an accident.

With uncomplicated game play, no directions are needed to just pick up and go with Space Shuttle Missions. The simple sound effects and classic game view make focusing solely on the task at hand a breeze. With each level, a new background is unlocked, to help enhance that levels experience.

The only other button you can press on the main screen, other than Play, is Options. In options you can decide with or against the game sound or your own music.

When you pick this app up, do not expect top of the line graphics or loud explosions when you crash, expect simplicity. This game is a flash back to the work of the Atari, so to speak. With long levels, lasting multiple minutes, and a VERY simple game design, some may find themselves wishing for more.

There is not anything over exciting or unique that makes this app stand out, just a stationary platform and small shuttles being drawn towards it. With each of the three levels, you are presented with those two same things, just with a different background to make it seem as you are in a new location.

Simple design makes for easier play. That is it. Maybe this is what the developers where going for when making this app, but who knows.

Because of the not so updated game design and repetition of levels, for $0.99, I would not recommend this game at all. Unless you are all for the classics view of game, then by all means, go for it.


Space Shuttle Missions - Chris Gbandi


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