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Social games are the future, enabling the ability to play with others anywhere and anytime. No longer do you have to get a group of friends together to have a little fun. Well how about a game that not only tests your knowledge in multiple ways, but also lets YOU create the questions and puzzles to stump your friends? Sparker – The Game of Games has made this exact thing possible.

Sparker – The Game of Games by Spinapse, Inc. allows you to customize and play your favorite trivia, puzzles and challenges with your friends! Here is the app’s full description:

Play your favorite games and share them with your friends. Sparker is free and includes thousands of challenges — word games, photo puzzles, trivia questions, maze games, name that tune, and more! And we’re adding more games and challenges all the time.Sparker image 2

Each game is easy to learn and quick to play. How quick? Every Sparker game can be played in 60 seconds or less. Play as many Sparkers as you want, all day, every day!

You can also make your own Sparker challenges. Snap a photo, choose a game template, and send it to a friend. Or choose a song and make your own name-that-tune game. Photo challenges, music challenges, trivia challenges — you’ll find lots of ways to spark your creativity and surprise your friends.
Loads of Games – Lots of popular games, with more on the way
Quick and Easy – Each game is easy to learn and takes less than 60 seconds to play
Send to Friends – Send Sparkers to yourself and to your friends
Personalize It – Play and share the games and categories that you like to play
Custom Bombs – Choose unique bombs that blow up when time runs out or you get it wrong
Get Creative – Create Sparker challenges using your own photos, questions or favorite music
Earn Points – Earn points when you get it right
Earn Diplomas – Earn diplomas when you master a category
Earn Coins – Earn coins when you level up
Unlock New Stuff – Unlock new bombs and other bonuses when you level up
Private Scoreboards – Compete with your friends for the most points, levels, and diplomas
Boundless Possibilities – Thousands of challenges, new ones every week, and more from your friends

This or That – Pick the right image from two captivating photos
Dot-To-Dot – Connect the dots and solve the maze
Trivia Master – Test your knowledge of trivia in a variety of categories
Picture This – Use wisdom and visual acuity to name that picture
Tuned In – Name that song, artist, or movie track
Spot the Difference – Uncover the differences between two pictures
Diffle – Match three tokens that have all similar or all different traits
Way No Way – Find the truths, find the lies
PixPop – Reveal the puzzle pieces hidden inside an image
WordPix – Spell one word that describes four pictures
Word Plus Word – Spell the compound word that describes two pictures
Coming soon – new games, challenges, and bombs!

To begin playing Sparker, first you need to sign-up through Facebook. Once logged in you will see various games you can play if there are ones available. If not, you can create your own. One distinctive thing about the Sparker app is there are a variety of games to choose from. Anything from word games to trivia, puzzles to match or name that tune or image. To create your own query just tap the plus sign and then the pencil icon to edit the category of game you would like. One I really enjoyed was called Way No Way where you are given a crazy fact about a category and then you must decide if it is true or false, or Way or No Way in this case. The facts are really interesting and not as simple as you would think to answer. After you pick the game question you would like to ask you can choose the type of bomb your friend will get if they answer the question incorrectly. These are fun customized consequences with different images like food bombs which explode with tomato or popcorn on the screen. Hit next after setting your bomb and then pick the friends you would like to send it to. You can even choose yourself to challenge if you’d like.

Wins earn you points which will level you up and unlock new things like bonuses and bombs. Leveling up also earns you coins which are used to pay for the homemade quiz questions. Coins can be gained through in-app purchase as well. I really like the variety Sparker brings to the social game app. All of the different types of questions keep it fresh so it doesn’t get old too fast. The personalization of the challenges is something I’ve never seen in any other game app and marks Sparker a stand out from the rest. Some issues I did experience was some slow loading times and even a few crashes, though both happened when I started the game and not during game play. It was very seldom and didn’t affect my use of the app.

Sparker – The Game of Games is a one-of-a-kind app that is surely to challenge nearly everyone on your friend list. Sparker is available in the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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