Sparkle iPhone Review

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Sparkle the Game - 10tons LtdI wasn’t quite sure when I saw this for the first time, as I thought it was a little game that I had seen on Facebook, but when I saw the game running I thought I’d would give it go and boy am I glad I did!

The aim of the game is similar to Zuma and Luxor in that you have a silver pointer in the middle of the screen with three balls, and along a path around the pointer is a queue of balls of all different colours, and your job is to aim and shoot (just touch where you want the ball to go) at the same colour ball, also collecting amulets as you go through each level.

You can also change the ball if it’s not the one you want by touching the pointer.

The gameplay is excellent, with a really good feel to the play, the balls having a good solidity to them, and the collision detection is top notch, and both of these combine to make sure that, if you miss a shot, it is probably your own fault.

There are three separate game modes you can play, the first is Quest which is where you can go through the levels in the standard way, Challenge where you can go replay the levels you have passed (this is not available when you first play the game) and try and complete them as fast as you can, the level then gets harder as you play from apprentice to master.

Survival mode is just that: seeing how long you can play before you die, with the awards ranking again from aprentice to master.

In Extras you can check your achievements, how many amulets you have found, and trophies. I have been playing this game non stop for about a month now and I never get bored of it, the graphics are great, the background music just pulls you into the game and the way it keeps changing so you dont get fed up, makes you want to keep playing.

Game Centre is enabled, as is Facebook Connect, which both add a lot of replay value to the title. I originally had this on webOS, but this is even better on iPhone, as the larger screen makes things so much easier to see.

It was so good I had to buy it twice!


Sparkle the Game - 10tons Ltd


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