Speedy Dial! iPhone Review

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If there is one limitation of the iPhone that frustrates me, it is how basic and featureless the standard contacts app is. Yes, what is there works well and is functionally attractive, but there really should be more options from Apple in this regard.

So, there have been of apps on the App Store that either replace the dialler, spruce up the contacts or add loads more options. Speedy Dial! is an app that hopes to add a lot of speed dial options to iPhone in an attractive and fun way, and it basically succeeds at this, so is a decent alternative to the standard set up.

The first thing to say that the app has some limitations imposed by iOS, so although it can import contacts, Apple won’t let any app replace the standard contacts app. Not the developers fault by a mile, but it is something to bear in mind when purchasing the app. Any contact links or options in other apps will still bring up the standard contacts app.

Here, in the words of the developer, are the app’s features:

* Fast one touch dialing for up to 48 numbers
* Three ‘easy-use’ dialing screens with 16 colorful speed dials per screen
* Customizable buttons – view custom names & phone #’s directly on buttons
* Changeable button colors – the color for each speed dial may be changed individually (up to 30 color choices presently available)
* Easy, convenient input of names & phone #’s – including option to quickly retrieve name & phone #’s from Contacts
* Fast setup – For data found in Contacts, it’s possible to set up a speed dial in just 3-4 seconds!
* Option to be prompted before dialling – Helps prevent accidental dialing!

With Speedy Dial!, it’s possible to…

* Avoid scrolling through Favorites or Contacts – put your most frequently used/most important 48 numbers in Speedy Dial! and dial them quickly and easily!
* Dial by name, relation, category, description, type, etc. (e.g. Bob Smith, sister, cleaners, work) – whichever way(s) you choose
* Conveniently assign colors to different types of numbers (e.g. red for emergency)
* Fully control speed dial placement in convenient fixed locations (makes it easy to find & dial desired #’s!)
* Keep related #’s together on one screen – great for grouping work or family #’s
* Use custom text on buttons w/o affecting Contacts (e.g. put “Hubby” on a speed dial, but leave “Peter Jones” in Contacts)
* Remain in the app after dialing (w/prompt option)
* Use emojis for enhanced appearance
* Quickly & easily change existing speed dials – change as often as desired!
* See both names and #’s together on the same screen
* See more favorites on the screen w/o scrolling

The app is very good looking, although it obviously isn’t going to be to everybody’s taste, so I would have liked some selectable skins or themes here. In terms of basic functionality, the app is very comprehensive, with just about every possible option you could need from an app like this, which is really very impressive.

Overall, if you are looking for a speed dial app, you should really take this one into consideration, as it is cheap at just 99c(introductory price), it is packed with features, and is also very easy on the eye.

Speedy Dial! - BFSApps (a division of B.F.S.)


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