SPRK MUSIC for Artists & Fans iPhone Review

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There are lots of music apps out there for streaming and listening, but not many that focus on bringing the music industry together. SPRK MUSIC for Artists & Fans wants to do just that. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

SPRK MUSIC is a social app for all things music.

• For Fans: Search by genre or specialty to find new artists and listen to their latest music
• For Music Artists: Post your music and get discovered by music labels

Create, collaborate and play music with artists around the world, or listen to SPRK MUSIC’s vast library of trending artists, beats, songs, and more. Our music app is the perfect place to discover online music collaborations with musicians from across the world – both up and coming, and well-established artists.

With SPRK MUSIC, you can easily upload and promote your music videos, images, and music information to your personalized music profile and artist biography to share with fans, industry professionals, and music talent scouts. Get discovered, showcase your content, music and more with our Artist Directory.

With SPRK MUSIC’s clean app interface, music fans and artists can view music videos to find songs easily and conveniently. Our advanced and simple-to-use filtering tool helps you discover new favorites faster. Browse music and artists by genre, instrument, region, and more to find music from a variety of genres…

SPRK MUSIC is the social media platform for musicians, the music industry, and fans. Register as a music artist to connect with fans or as a fan discovering new music. Users can easily sign up with an existing Facebook, Google, or Apple account, or create an account with an email address. Once registered, complete the profile with a picture and details like a biography and videos.

As a musician, SPRK MUSIC helps users promote music and grow an audience by uploading videos and photos. Beef up the profile by adding up to 4 specialty and genre tags to appear in users’ searches. Include a name, date of birth, ethnicity, location, and a profile pic. Gain fans and collaborate with other artists in the app. The feed can be checked for trending videos and other musicians that have been followed.

Building a musician profile and exploring the app, I was surprised to see a fairly large artist directory with musicians from all over the world. Checking the trending videos feed, I can follow other artists and comment on their videos to connect and network. Some of the videos were a bit old but they did have several thousand views with comments which is encouraging that content is being seen. The main suggestion is for talent to upload videos and music libraries to their profile to be scouted by talent scouts for gigs. The app claims to get artists in front of music labels, venue managers, concert promoters, and industry scouts, but I did not see evidence of how exactly this works.

I do see the value of an app that builds an artist database for the purpose of collaborating and networking. Searching and filtering really helps find the people with the specialty you are looking for. You can check out other users’ music and connect by messaging right in the app. The app is clean and easy to use with a familiar social media format. The great thing is that it is one platform that can be used for music industry people and fans alike.

SPRK MUSIC for Artists & Fans is an app that aims to bring music lovers together, professionally and passionately. The app is available now for free in the App Store and can also be found on Google Play for Android users.


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