StarPagga iPhone Review

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StarPagga - Funsuma Games“StarPagga is arguably the best multiplayer 3D space-shooter on the App Store!”-These are the opening words on this games download screen in the App Store… hmmm… I think somebody’s telling a few porky’s here, because I can assure you, this is by no means what it was described as.
Now I’m sure we all familiar with the odd B movie, that is an obvious rip-off of a well known hit, which makes you feel cheated out of your money and time.
Well unfortunately it seems like this same phenomenon occurs within the game industry too. StarPagga seems to have made its way on to the iPhone for our ‘enjoyment’, and as you can  probably gather, is not making much of an impact on me.
So lets take a look at this ‘stroke of genius’ in a little more detail.

First of all it is a first person space shooter, and on going through to the title screen, I was reminded just by the logo alone, at how much the developers (funsuma games) would have loved to just call it Star Wars and get it all over with! But with that in mind, I decided to humour and press on, after all, I may still be blown away by the graphics and gameplay.. Well,.. that also turned about to be a massive disappointment on both counts, as the  gameplay is sluggish, slow, and very unconvincing. You have about 8 ships in which to choose from, with at least one of them heavily resembling.. Er.. an X-Wing from Star Wars.
The controls are standard, you move around using motion-sensitivity which to me is a fundamental reason for this games shortcomings, because it doesn’t work .At least there should have been the option to select motion-sensitive control or control stick like you can in say, Galaxy on Fire 2.

You have your primary fire, missile fire, throttle, map, and options button on screen too. There is a mode called free flight, which ironically is anything but free, in that within about 30 seconds of flight, massive grid walls appear in front of you, to keep you ‘inside a parameter’. Hmmm, I wonder some might call this the very OPPOSITE of free flight, and therefore probably shouldn’t have been included. A much better example of free flight in a space, would be again from  Galaxy on Fire 2 where you could fly for miles in one direction.

The graphics too of this title are largely unimpressive. For instance at closer examination it seems as though very little rendering has been done, even to the point where things seem like they have just been patched together in haste. This is made even worse by the low frame-rate, making the gameplay seem jerky and non-smooth. On a better note there is good instructions in training on how to play, and you can also customise your spacecraft, with different weapon upgrades, etc. Overall my impression of this game is that it seems to be largely incomplete in it’s existing status, if it is to be mentioned in the same sentence as other titles, such as  Galaxy on fire 2, Star Battalion etc. At times playing this title, felt as if I was playing it on an ancient P75 processor PC.
Many many holes need patching up here.

StarPagga - Funsuma Games


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