Stoned 3D iPhone Review

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Stoned 3D - 3DgrafixNo this isn’t a game about someone watching 3DTV while inebriated on certain substances, but a casual puzzle game set in the stone age.

The game is fairly good, and literally does what it sets out to do, that is to create the template for a decent puzzle game that plays well and has a few nice concepts. The problem is that this just feels like a template without the rest of the game, or to put it bluntly a one level demo of something bigger.

The game is a shape matcher, as you play a quarry worker who has to match the shapes of the boulders that your colleagues throw down toward you. There are six shapes to match, and the intriguing part of the game is that you don’t move the shapes themselves, rather the board that they are falling towards that has matching holes cut into it.

It’s the first of two good ideas in the game, and makes the game interesting with a unique feel to your first few plays.

The cavemen throw the shapes at an increasing rate, and it soon becomes very difficult to keep up, and you will need to concentrate to score highly in the game. The second good idea comes in the form of a dinosaur that will pop up at various places on the screen, and you can tap him for extra points. He will appear as different sizes, and the smaller the one you tap, the bigger score you get.

It’s a nice way of making you multitask, and makes the title far more frenetic than it otherwise would have been.

The graphics on display are really good, with great animation on the falling blocks and the 3D rendering gives the whole title a solid, pleasing look. Likewise the music is nice, and suits the game well.

The great shame lies in the fact that what I have described to you is the entirety of the game.

There are no extra levels to discover or modes to unlock, or anything else. The game does have full Openfient and Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements, as well as Facebook and Twitter score uploading, but it’s not enough.

Playing the same level soon gets tiresome, and high scores are not enough to keep you coming back.

How about a few more backdrops, unlocked as you go? Different dinosaurs to catch, with different movement patterns, some could drop from above or fly around the screen. If, when you caught certain Dino’s they had positive effects on the gameplay, such as disabling one of the cavemen, or slowing down the rocks’ descent.

Bonus stages where the rocks flew sideways and you had to move the board vertically…I could go on, but the message is clear; more is needed.

What is here is solid and filled with potential, but unless the developer triples the content, I can’t see this title fulfilling that potential.

If you are looking for a two minute time waster, then this may fulfill that need, but if you need a puzzle game with a little more meat on it’s bones, then I would have to suggest you look elsewhere until the developer pads out the admittedly decent core.

Stoned 3D - 3Dgrafix


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  1. It’s a pretty good app & I am sure that, the game is  interesting with a unique feel to  first few plays. It’s a such full of  multitask & enjoyable game.Thanks for share.

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