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Streamified - Streamified LLCStreamified for iOS is one of the most beautiful apps I have yet used for the format. The app is a social networker’s dream, as it allows you to log in to many different social networks, as well as news feeds and read it later services, an it then collates all these sources into a list of statuses and news pieces that is simply stunning to look at.

You log into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, as well as Instagram, Google Reader, Pocket and many more. The app then takes all these feeds and makes them all appear to come from the same place

Photos are all resized correctly, everything updates quickly, and you can easily set your own status, as well as which networks you want to share it with, with a quick press of a button. If you are the kind of person that has many accounts, it is possible to log into several Twitter acounts, and if you are worried that you may end up scrolling through an endless list of updates with no time to read the best ones, there is a bookmarking option, so you can scroll down, bookmark everything that looks interesting, then change the main panel from all streams to bookmarked streams and then take your time with the most interesting stuff. From here it is also possible to view one stream at a time.

Each entry into the stream has different options depending on its source, so Facebook status updates have ‘like’ buttons and comment forms, while similar updates from Twitter can be retweeted or replied to, for example. It feels very natural.

There is full support for RSS feeds, and you can log into Google Reader and even sort different feeds into different categories. The addition of support for Pocket, Readability and Instapaper is most welcome, and means that this could replace many different apps on your home screen.

The best thing I have to say about the app is that it makes all of this feel like a native experience for each service. Nothing seems like it has been jammed in or had its corners cut to make it fit. Every service just look likes it belongs. Which is really all most people want.

The app, as I have said before, is very attractive indeed. It is designed to feel as if you are working your way through an old notebook, and it really makes a change from the blue hues of the many Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn apps.

I tested this on an iPod Touch 4th Gen, and did have a couple of crashes during my experience, although these were not present when I had a quick try on an iPad and iPhone 4S.

Overall though, this is a superb social networking app that has become my own ‘go to’ app. You know, the app that you load up first thing in the morning to see what has been happening in the world? That is how highly I regard this app, which is quite something considering the amount of similar apps I go through as a reviewer.

Now, how about a Windows Phone version? Would go nicely with my Lumia 800…

Streamified - Streamified LLC


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