Streetbike: Full Blast iPhone Review

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Streetbike: Full Blast - Chillingo Ltd

Racing games are fun, fast and furiously popular. The App Store is no stranger to the competitive racing app, and for the most part they do well. Chillingo has brought superbike racing to the iPhone in their arcade throwback, Streetbike: Full Blast.

Streetbike: Full Blast is a competitive racing game that pits you against the computer racers for the best record. Race through traffic trying not to wreck as you take tight corners at full speeds. Do well and you can unlock more challenging tracks to race on. Collect money along the tracks as you race to build up enough cash to unlock new bikes. There are nine different leagues to race in beginning with easy courses in the Newcomer League to the more challenging All-Stars League.

The app uses a two button control system with a simple accelerator and brake. All steering is done by tilting the phone to maneuver the curves in the racetracks. The design is simple and more than easy to learn. The throwback graphics remind me of Sega arcade titles I played once upon a time. Definitely not a deterrent since the retro graphics style is coming back full force in apps now a days and brings nostalgia to gamers.

Streetbike: Full Blast does leave something to be desired. While a very easy to learn and basic racing game, it felt incomplete. There is GameCenter connect and Crystal to compare score against friends, but no real time competitveness aside from the computer racers. My main motivators for re-playability left me with trying to unlock tracks or earn cash to upgrade my racer. At first it was pretty easy to do, but the tilt controls are less sensitive than I would like, and completing the more challenging tracks in the time specified wasn’t happening. There are challenge modes as well, one with the task of collecting all of the dollar signs in the race to move on. My aim just wasn’t great and I failed miserably several times. I can see the idea that they were trying to achieve by having the time and task challenges, but it just made me want to put it down than retry. Of course you can unlock additional bikes and All-Star League play with in-app purchases.

Overall, Streetbike: Full Blast is a racing game that definitely throws back, but maybe a little too much. Add some better controls and ability to compete with live players, and I’m all in. As for now, it’s a good start and at a bargain of only $.99 in the app store.

Streetbike: Full Blast - Chillingo Ltd


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