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Student Rush, available for both iOS through the Apple iTunes App Store, and Android (version reviewed) through the Google Play store, is a nice take on endless runners, with a unique look and a decent set of features.

The game stars you as a student who has decided to go ‘on the run’ from class and teachers, and you must guide the student through a series of levels featuring wildly different backgrounds, even if the action is largely the same.

Like most endless runners, the action scrolls to the right automatically, and you must tap the screen to get your character to jump over obstacles and gaps, all the while picking up as many collectables as possible.

Nicely, there are some different levels to break things up, such as one in particular where you must take control of an aircraft. These parts are a highlight as they really help to break up the natural monotony of the game type.

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Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– 9 colorful scenarios available: Dubai, Alaska, Roma, New York, Las Vegas, Jungle, Hong Kong, Underwater, Universe (and others coming with each update!)
– Daily reward (requires an internet connection)
– Facebook integration: share your result and get a reward!
– Fantastic endless runner game action!
– Tons of missions to be completed (and more added with each update)!
– 10 unique song to create an even more customizable game experience.
– Use your bag as a Jetpack!

The Facebook integration is a cool feature, as it allows you to get friends interested in the game and then compete with them for the best score. There are also lots of missions to complete, with more being added, and I liked the different backdrops to the game.

The graphics are actually pretty good, and each level is well created with a lot of details. I would like a bit more animation on the main character, as although his arms and legs move, the rest of the body is completely still, giving the game an unnatural look. A little bit of body movement and head bounce would do wonders here.

The game moves very smoothly, and I never had any problems with bugs or crashing during my time with Student Rush. The main thing I appreciated with the game was the addition of different levels, as so many games of this type only have one background, and the added missions provided lots of replay value. The developer has promised to continue to support the game with updates and content, so the future looks bright for Student Rush.

If you are looking for a new endless runner, then you could do a lot worse than giving Student Rush a try.


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