Super Space Boy iPhone Review

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Super Space Boy, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is an interesting twist on the classic Doodle Jump formula. You play the role of a miniature superhero, a little boy called Super Space Boy.

The aim is to climb vertically by bouncing on a balloon, which is controlled by dragging your finger around the screen. Super Space Boy will bounce in relation to where he hits the balloon, and a counter goes down by one every time he touches the balloon. If the counter gets to zero, he will pass through the balloon and it is game over.superspaceboy

You can collect plus symbols, which add to the balloon’s counter, although they are pretty fast and fairly difficult to catch. This all forms the basics of the game, and it is actually pretty playable, with only the occasional slowdown affecting things negatively.

There are stars to collect, and even bosses to fight at the end of each stage. To tell the truth it is nice to play a game like this that isn’t just an endless, monotonous climb.

There are even bonus stages to play through, which again adds an extra bit of spice to proceedings.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

• Multiple objectives in every level to earn bonus points
• Each level increases in obstacles and difficulty
• Go to the upgrade screen to increase your abilities
• Every level has bosses to conquer

There is a full upgrade system, Game Center integration and the way the game gives you different objectives to complete does mean that you can approach the game in different ways.

The graphics are decent, with a special mention going to the animation on Super Space Boy himself; real effort has been put in here. One small criticism regarding the graphics is the way the background stops dead when you reach the top of your jump. If it moved just a little in the opposite direction at this point, it would give the game a greater feeling of momentum.

This game is a cut above the dross in the App Store and regular readers will know how maddening I find it when games like this don’t expand their base gameplay by adding a boss or two and things like bonus stages and multiple objectives. Well, Super Space Boy has done all of those things, so it wouldn’t be fair not to reward the effort with a handsome score.


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