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The iOS platform has been used to perform functionality that goes far beyond what Apple must have imagined when they first envisioned the App Store. With millions of apps downloaded and hundreds of thousands created, the wealth of different apps available is simply breathtaking.

Now, thanks to SURT, we can add the ability to find a star to the ever-growing roster of iPhone abilities.

Now, that may seem like an easy thing to say, but SURT really can help to get new and unknown artists ‘found’. The app comes with everything you need to get yourself noticed, but also comes with one vital ingredient; connections. Simply put, entertainment executives will view and rate your performances. That may be enough to get many budding singers downloading the app right now, but there is far more to the app than that, so read on.

The app allows you to record music videos, featuring yourself or your friends, edit them in a meaningful way and then upload them to for the SURT community and entertainment company executives to watch back, rate and even contact you to get you on the road to becoming a recording artist.surt

Now, obviously you need talent to make this happen; SURT can’t give that to you, but it can provide a vital window of opportunity for you, if you do have the talent, to get it recognised and to do something with it.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– You can post/upload your audition videos.
– You can audition for upcoming Entertainment Management Company events with your video.
– Your video will be rated by both the public and entertainment executives.
– You can see how many people “liked” your audition.
– Your video could be placed in multiple categories, including “New”, “Most Commented”, “Most Viewed”, and “Most Popular”.
– Your video could be voted “SURT’s Choice”, based on evaluations by our team of entertainment executives.
– You can manage your posted videos and the reviews of them.
– You can create and manage your profile and appeal to others.
– You can share your opinion or tips on auditioning with others.
– You can create and hold your auditions within minutes.

Essentially, this is an audition app, with plenty of features to help get you noticed. Regular people can watch and give your videos ‘likes’, and even make comments on your videos using the app. The more views, likes and comments your videos generate, the better, as you could find that your video has been placed on the top of a category, such as the videos with the most comments, or with the most recent views.

You can even share tips with others online, all through the app. The great thing about the app really is the commenting and like systems, as these can allow you to get genuine, instant feedback on your auditions, which can only be a good thing. You can then take the advice on board and adjust your style or fix any problems that users may have noticed, which will mean your next video could be more popular than ever.

This is also a great app for those looking for new talent, as it allows them to view singers and see how popular they are within the SURT community right away.

The app itself is well designed, and has the feel of a social platform, with profile management and interactions well designed. The actual audition section is thoughtfully designed and is created to the same high quality, and the overall look of the app is fresh and unique. The video streaming is surprisingly stable and of a pretty high quality.

Overall, this is a great idea that has been really well implemented. With a nice design and bags of potential, SURT could very well be the best way for singers to get the right attention using nothing but their smartphones and their own talent.


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