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Birthdays, holidays, or just because, the greeting card serves many purposes and has made people happy for generations, for who doesn’t love a good card? This day in age, paper is the past. Sweet Greets – Video Greeting Card Creator by Pelican Industries LLC is here to bring that tradition into the future. Here is the apps full description:

Sweet Greets is a free video greeting card creator that gives you the ability to send beautiful custom video greeting cards instantly from your phone. SweetGreets image 2Customize the look, feel and message of your card in seconds to send a personalized ecard for birthdays, Christmas, holidays, anniversaries or just as a thank you.

– Customize the fonts, colors and images on your greeting ecard
– Record a custom video greeting ecard
– Send greeting ecards instantly through text or email…anytime you want!
– Send as many ecards as you want free of charge

Many of our users are just normal people who want to make friends and loved ones feel special on their big day, but many of our users use Sweet Greets at work as well to send custom video greeting ecards to their coworkers, bosses, employees and clients:
– Realtors
– Bankers
– Car dealerships
– Entrepreneurs
– Anyone who networks a lot for work
– Outside and insides salespeople

Everyone loves getting cards, especially for their birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving or just as a thank you. The challenge is that going to the store to buy a card can be time consuming and there’s very little of your personality that you can insert into the card besides a short message. 

To get started, first you must sign up for a Sweet Greets account to create and send a digital card. Simple name and email address is all it takes. Then go to Create New Card. Pick a background, font and colors for border and type. You can also use photos from your phone as a background if you like. Tap to enter your text and select your font and size. After you have customized your card’s cover, swipe to open the card. Here you can video a message up to 15 seconds. When you are happy with the result click on Next and add the contact you would like to send the card to. Sweet Greets will then send the card to your contact.

First of all, the app does all this, just as it says. I created a card and proceeded to send it to a contact of mine, but yet I got an error while it was sending. I tried twice and it would not go through. Then I realized I had an inbox for the app, meaning the person probably has to also have the app and an account. Sent one to myself and sure enough it went through. Now this is not unusual for an app to require all users to join to use it. What is curious is nowhere was I told this was the case. So just a warning, get your friend to download and sign-up for the app before you send them a birthday card. That out of the way, I really liked how easy the process was and the variety of backgrounds and font there are to choose from. I would like to see some Christmas backgrounds or other holidays added for the future though.

Overall, Sweet Greets is a cute little app with a great idea. It was easy to use and I look forward to the addition of more fun choices for designing my cards. The app is available now in the App Store for free.


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