Tag: Connect with New People iPhone Review

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There are many apps out there for connecting with friends, but what about making new friends? Answer just a few questions and the Tag: Connect with New People app will match you with prospective friends right for you. Here is some of the app’s description:

Meet new people wherever you go with Tag! Tag is a friend finder that uses personality quizzes to help you meet up with new people that love the same things you do.

Just moved to a new town and want to find new friends nearby? Starting your first year at college and want to meet up with classmates? Tag can help you connect, chat with and meet new people.

Tag is a simple way to get social. Just fill out a questionnaire when you open it for the first time, and our personality-matching algorithm will help you find and meet up with new friends that share your interests.

Whether you want to find a new friend, hookup for a date, or just meet new people, Tag can help you find friends you’ll connect with. Download now!

The Tag app allows users to sign in with an existing Facebook account or create an account with profile information; name, location, date of birth, gender, email, and password. Next, fill out a personality survey that Tag then uses to match you with other users on the platform. This includes questions ranging from the age of friends you are looking for to if you have kids, pets, or a significant other. Some of these questions are not required, so if you would rather not answer you don’t have to. Questions can be adjusted in the profile section of the app after if you choose to share more or less information.

Tag is also geared to helping find roommates and dives into questions about housing and roommate desires if that is something you are looking for. Housing questions include the rent per month and location with an about section for more details. Once the profile is done and questions are answered, the app will give you a list of compatible friends, complete with the percentage number of your match.

I found setting up the profile section was quite easy, though answering the questions did lag a bit when choosing some of my drop-down answers. I sometimes had to tap a few times to get a response. Once everything was answered I had 6 new faces in my friends area with their compatibility score. In the home area, I saw several of these were looking for roommates as well. I can check out their profiles and even chat with them if I choose. It looks like as of now there aren’t many users, but that could change over time.

Tag is an ad-supported app but ads are displayed in a small banner at the bottom of the screen that does not disrupt the simple layout or the visuals. There is the option for an ad-free experience for a subscription price of $0.99 per month or $9.99 per year. If you’re looking for new friends, in your area or even just virtual ones, Tag: Connect with New People could be the app for you. The app is available now for free in the App Store.


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