Tap Heroes iPhone Review

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I have to admit; I am a little bit in love with Tap Heroes. It always did have an unfair advantage getting reviewed by me, as it really does tick all the right boxes. Retro 2D graphics? Check. Brilliant battling system? Check. Loot? Check. More loot? Check.

Seriously now, this really is a great mobile RPG that not only has a surprisingly deep leveling and battle system, but also uses the format of mobile devices brilliantly. Battles take place on a neat stage in a nod to Paper Mario, and indeed, that ‘nod’ is taken further by the cut out look of the sprites. The battling system is decent, with standard turn based rules altered with a touch screen flavour, as you have to frantically tap away at both your enemies and your characters to perform different tasks. It sounds a bit odd, but it only takes a few fights to completely get the hang of the intriguing system, although a tutorial would be a nice future addition.

You and your band of warriors travel around 10 worlds, battling enemies and earning loot. The tapping system works really well, and each fight has just the right amount of challenge to it with you having to learn to use each characters unique abilities and power ups in order to progress smoothly.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:tap heroes

✔ Over 70 different enemies and bosses
✔ 10 different worlds to discover
✔ A Distinct group of heroes with different abilities
✔ Interesting powers to unleash on your enemies
✔ Mix of RPG and idle elements with tons of skills to upgrade
✔ Achievements to unlock
✔ Ridiculous amounts of loot
✔ Possibly infinite gameplay
✔ Puppet stage graphics!

The skill and upgrade system is well worked, and doesn’t feel like too much of a grind, with steady progression always made, although there are some IAPs you can buy to help things along, if you so choose. The graphics are brilliantly done, and it is a joy to watch the battles between these tiny sprites unfold, with special effects, swords and arrows flying everywhere. The animation is good, and I never encountered any slowdown or technical issues during my time with the game.

The game does have a built-in achievement system, and there is a lot of content to keep you coming back for more. Tap Heroes also offers idle functionality, so you can get your heroes to automatically fight smaller battles while you are away, which really helps when you are doing some farming/grinding for coins.

Overall, the graphics, battle system and theming of Tap Heroes has really captured my imagination, as it offers up a unique and interesting original RPG for mobile. Highly recommended.


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