Target Ball for iPhone Review

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Target Ball - Fabio FerreiraTarget Ballfor iPhone is a simple game where the user must get the ball from one end of the gameboard to a target at the other. There are many obstacles standing in your way, such as bars – with many different functions, black holes, blowers, springs and acceleration floors – just to name a few. Some of these obstacles can be used to your advantage where others you must avoid entirely. To move the ball you must keep the phone flat and and tilt it in the direction you would like the ball to go. Much like a labyrinth table you want to be as careful as possible when manuevering your phone. The catch is you must also be fast as you are timed on each level and the slower you go the more it will effect your score.

The graphics are very basic and much to be desired. The background looks like graph paper and every element appears hand drawn. Even the ball is a just circle that has been scribbled with blue. In fact nothing is exactly colored in or drawn in detail. Just filled in with a scribbly line at best.

The gameplay is also very ridgid. For a game where the purpose is to roll the ball around obstacles, it seems there isn’t any weight to the ball. It just kind of glides around lightly making it hard to estimate how to tilt the phone to get it to land in the appropriate spot. And when the ball barely touches an obstacle, for instance, the black holes, it just stops and resets the level. My complaint isn’t that it is basic, but that these little short comings make the game less enjoyable. I was able to play the first three levels pretty easily, but by the fourth the obstacles seemed to be placed haphazardly and it was impossible to move around them. After a few tries I gave up.

Target Ball definitely has a good premise, and could be a decent puzzle game if the right tweaks are made. As it is, there are far too many puzzle game competitors at the same price of $0.99 that offer so much more. I say skip this one.

Target Ball - Fabio Ferreira


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