Tennis Radar Gun iPhone Review

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Tennis is a game that requires skill and extreme athleticism. Speed is a key factor when you want to win the game. To get better at any sport you need to practice and refine your skills. Luckily there are tools out there to help with those things. For the game of tennis, there is Tennis Radar Gun.Tennis Radar Gun

Tennis Radar Gun from Tania Moise is for the athletic tennis user wanting to improve their performance. It is designed to measure the speed of the ball during various tennis strokes. It’s use is fairly easy. First, choose the shot that will be performed; Serve, Forehand, Backhand, Smashes, Volleys or Short Put Aways. Press the red Hold and Release button to measure the ball’s starting and stopping point. Once finished the reader will display the speed, distance, time, count and average. Tennis Radar Gun will also show you the top five rankings for each shot recorded. The settings can also be adjusted to your measure of preference, in kilometers per hour or miles per hour as well as the distance measurements in meters or yards.

When I downloaded the app I initially thought this would be more of a real radar, possibly using the camera on the phone to track the ball for results. As I began to use it I saw that was not the case, which was a little disappointing at first. Though the app is very easy to use I believe it would be best used with a partner. Definitely an ideal tool for coaches and trainers tracking students’ performances. Here is the description and features according to Tennis Radar Gun:

You can measure the speed of your serve, forehand, backhand, volley, smashes and short put away shots.

You can measure reading for:

1. Speed in kilometres per hour and miles per hour.
2. Distance in metres and yards.
3. Baseline to baseline reading.
4. Service line to baseline reading.
5. Net to baseline reading.

There is also a ranking screen that records:

1. Three fastest serve speeds and the dates they were recorded.
2. Four fastest forehands and the dates they were recorded.
3. Four fastest backhands and the dates they were recorded.
4. Four fastest volleys and the dates they were recorded.
5. Four fastest smashes and the dates they were recorded.
6. Four fastest short put aways and the dates they were recorded.


Tennis Radar Gun is available for iPhone and iPad at the cost of $0.99.



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