The ONE Expert iPhone Review

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The ONE Expert. available for iPhone through the iTunes App Store, and for Android from the Google Play store, is a service that aims to connect people in need with experts, via face to face video calls.

The basic idea is, if you need some quick advice from a plumber, or need something properly translated or even guidance on legal issues, you can search for an expert through the app and connect with them either by email or with a direct call, and pay to get the information you need.

I initially didn’t see the appeal of this app, as I thought that basic information can be grabbed from Google, and I can always just get a real plumber round. However, I then realised all the times that Google had me changing my search terms a dozen times, trying to get the data I needed to solve a problem; a problem that just wasn’t big enough to warrant the cost and time expense of having someone visit.

This service is a fantastic middle ground. When Googling and forum surfing isn’t getting me anywhere I can just boot up this app and talk through my problem. Now, as you can imagine, experts are not going to give you their time for free, and each one has a per minute fee listed before you click on anything. From what I could see, these fees vary from a pew pennies a minute to a whole lot more, but there are user reviews and ratings for each of the experts and one fantastic feature that I feel really brings the app together- you don’t get charged for the first minute.

This means, if there is a bad connection, or they clearly don’t seem to understand you or your issue, or even if you simply don’t like the cut of their jib, you can terminate the call before the minute ends and you won’t be charged anything.

The additional upside of this is that the experts have to impress you in that first minute or they don’t get paid, meaning that the service you receive should be as swift as possible.

The app itself is well designed, with a visually pleasing theme, and I liked the way you can filter experts by location with a handy map feature. The map worked flawlessly on iOS, but on the Android version I also tested, the map was loading and scrolling very slowly, even after a phone and app reset and reinstalling the app.

The ONE expert app is a great idea that has been well executed. I do hope that it takes off, as this could very well become a standard ‘go to’ for many people, and is also a nice way for experts to make some additional money (BTW you get $5 free credit for signing up as an expert).

This is ONE (geddit?) app that is well worth a look, and could go on to do great things. Recommended.

You can also grab the Android version here.


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