The Sims Medieval iPhone Review

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The Sims™ Medieval - Electronic ArtsAs The Sims games go, I started way back when it all began. Whether it was to play just the basic life and work theme or managing businesses, Sim games have always had a bit of a hook in me and they are always a great escape. With all of the different scenarios to choose from, there is pretty much something for everyone. Now with the new iOS versions, you can take it everywhere, enhancing your character 24/7. The newest in the line of these portable Sims is set in Medieval times. A very popular subject matter these days judging by the roaring success of games like Skyrim.

Like the others before it, The Sims Medieval allows you to create your own character, choosing from various walks of life ranging from serf and squire to Lady and Lord. Some other magical elements have been thrown in like playing as a vampire as well. Customize facial elements,  period garb and name your character. As always you are also able to choose subtle characteristics to fit your character like how nice, smart or evil you intend to be. Once created, you will begin in your new house. Basic items are supplied for you but as you earn money you can upgrade and tweak the look of your cottage. Though in this version you are not able to build houses like you can in other Sim games.

What I liked right away about The Sims Medieval was all of the quests you are given through out the game. Where previously I would be focused on keeping my Sim fed, happy, well rested and socialized, sometimes this got a little redundant and I would eventually just stop playing since it felt more like maintenance than anything else. Here you are given short missions that you can choose to complete or not complete, giving you more choices and purpose than just the every day routine. Completing these tasks will enhance your Sim by adding experience where applicable. Whether good or evil it will all propel you forward on your journey.

Another nice distraction is the mini skill tasks that stimulate your Sim, like fishing. By tilting the phone you can cast your line and pull in the fish. It works pretty well and is also very entertaining. Of course you can roam the kingdom freely and explore different places and people. Meet and talk to strangers, and even align with them which will also invite more quests. The map is easy enough to navigate but would have been helpful if it was marked a little more clearly.

All in all, The Sims Medieval has all the basic Sims elements that the hardcore fans love but with a more focused RPG like gameplay that is sure to bring in some fresh appeal to new comers. The Sims Medieval is available now in the App Store for $4.99.


The Sims™ Medieval - Electronic Arts


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