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Ticker Quiz - eoz gamesTicker Quiz is a puzzle game that defintely has the hallmarks of its creators, EOZ Games, stamped all over it. It is fact, a little bit different from the last two games from EOZ that we have reviewed recently, as it is a multiple choice quiz game.

Based around the stock markets, the idea is to try and guess, or remember if you have knowledge of the markets, the stock symbols for various companies. You can choose to either play by ticker or company name, but I think that playing by the ticker is more enjoyable.

When starting each game, you get to choose from one of three markets, the NYSE-US, NASDAQ and the NYSE-INT’L, or a mix of the three. You also have options for the time limit, from a quick one minute game, to a three and five minute game or even play with unlimited time.

Once in the game, you must simply choose which stock symbol matches which company. Choosing the wrong option will result in a score reduction, while picking the correct answer will reward you with some points and move you to the next question. It is fast paced, and quite interesting for a while, but the simple nature of the gameplay won’t keep you coming back as much as Word Cracker will.

The game isn’t as attractive as the other titles in the developer’s library, but the graphics do suit the theme of the stock markets.

Here are the game’s best features, straight from the developer:

– Play Solo and try to beat your score
– Go Head-to-Head against a friend on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
– Play by Ticker (and identify the correct company name from four choices)
– Play by Company Name (and identify the correct ticker from four choices)
– Choose NYSE U.S. or International, NASDAQ or assorted tickers/names
– Play for 1, 3, 5 minutes or unlimited

In Head-to-Head you first play a game of a set duration. You then challenge a friend or co-worker to play the exact same game and see who comes out on top.

– Local high score displayed on Home Screen
– High scores for each duration maintained on Scores Screen
– See how your high scores rank on Game Center leaderboards

The game does have Game Center leaderboards for all the modes and difficulty settings, which does add some extra replay value, and there is a head to head, pass and play multiplayer mode, where you can name each player and take turns trying to answer the same questions, with all the options of the main single player mode included.

Overall, this is a solid and dependable game. It is not as good as either of the other two EOZ Games releases we have reviewed recently, but it doesnt do anything wrong and still includes online leaderboards and pass and play multiplayer.

Ticker Quiz - eoz games


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