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We recently reviewed the Android version of Tictures, and as the app is now available for iPhone and iPad we thought we would take a quick look at how the iOS version stacks up.

You can find the entire Android review here, Tictures Android, but here is a small snippet to give you an idea what we thought:ticturesios

Apps like this are what mobile apps should be all about in my opinion. A great little addition to other services and functions of the phone that you simply will not find built-in to any messaging app that I know of, this really feels like it belongs on a phone instead of being a substitute for other things as many apps are.

It is strange how a tiny app like this can get me excited, but that is exactly what has happened, so congratulations to the developer for creating something so elegant and useful, and also for reminding me why I love apps so much.

You can probably tell that I loved the app, so now it has arrived on iOS, has much changed? Thankfully no, the app is still a great source for Unicode art and is still as smart and useful as ever. The developer has done a good job of porting the app, and it work just as well as it did on Android.

The developer has also let us know that you will soon be able to create and submit tictures straight through the app, which will hopefully let it expand further and evolve along with the needs of users. A good little bit of news for fans of the app.

The app is just as good as it was when I originally reviewed it, so it gets the same score and is just as highly recommended.


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