Tomato Tycoon iPhone Review

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Tomato Tycoon from Kickstartnews Inc. is a family friendly app that is fun as well as educational. You play as Jimmy, a boy who has run out of ketchup for his burger. How does he remedy this problem? By growing his own tomatoes to produce his own ketchup of course!

To start that process, he has to pick the tomatoes. In Tomato Pick, control Jimmy as he runs through the tomato garden to pick as many tomatoes as possible. Be sure to avoid all of the obstacles blocking your way, including fences, farm animals and even scarecrows. Each level is timed so you have to move fast. Hit an obstacle, and points will be deductedtomato tycoon image 3 from your balance. To move on you have to hit a target score within the time limit, not an easy feat. Gold tomatoes are worth more than the rest, so make sure you go for those first. Don’t forget to pick up those clocks to earn an extra 5 seconds to your time. Next level is Tomato Run, this time transporting your tomatoes on a truck while picking up tomatoes, again being careful not to hit the obstacles in the road. There are two other sections you can unlock with golden tomatoes which you can buy as an in-app purchase. Here is the full description:

Help Jimmy create his tomato empire!

Tomato Tycoon™ is an exciting arcade game jam packed with 4 challenging mini-games and 64 levels. Navigate through all the obstacles and grab as many tomatoes, especially the gold tomatoes as you can. Get additional playtime by collecting all the clocks along the way to complete a level and get more points. Tidbits of interesting tomato facts are weaved through the mini-games to inform and educate as you go along. With easy-to-use and intuitive controls, Tomato Tycoon™ provides hours of fun and replay value.

Tomato Tycoon™ starts out easy, but increases in difficulty as you move through the levels and will challenge your finger speed and accuracy. Tomato Tycoon™ is laugh out loud fun for the whole family!

Game Features:
– Explore 4 mini-games and 64 fun and challenging levels
– Fun for all ages!
– Easy-to-use and intuitive controls
– Great hand-eye coordination and simple game play
– Entertaining obstacles – dodge swooping birds and avoid rotten tomatoes.
– High definition and colorful graphics with lots of movement
– 7 cool characters and costumes to choose from including Ninja Jimmy and Dino Jimmy
– Purchase new levels and characters using game points or your App Store account
– Fully supports retina display
– UNIVERSAL APP – one download for all your devices

Tomato Tycoon is very entertaining and definitely appealing for the younger gamers. The characters are bright and lively, and the story is very fun, with facts about tomatoes sprinkled through out. Players can also change characters which makes the game more customizeable. The controls are easy to learn with only arrow buttons on the left and right to control. I did think the controls were a little off, feeling a delay between movements, especially in the first section. I also experienced a glitch while driving the tomato truck where the truck automatically moved up on its own, making it difficult to control. These things were pretty minor but noticeable. I would suggest including more of a tutorial or introduction to the game at the beginning. There were some items in the levels that I wasn’t quite sure if they were bad or good to pick up. For one, there is a hot pepper that I took to mean Jimmy would go faster. Jimmy did not go faster, but he didn’t lose or gain points as far as I could tell, so I’m not sure what the purpose of it was. The levels were pretty difficult to complete which made it harder to unlock the next levels. Considering there are in-app purchases involved to unlock those levels, this may be the developers way to get the gamer to lean towards paying up. Not a bad strategy, but a bit frustrating. One really great thing, is this app is ad free. Not something you see now a days in a free app.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with the game. It is in need of a few improvements, but still a great start. Tomato Tycoon is free to download and available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



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