Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of the Week

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Here is our countdown of the Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of the Week.
Don’t let these gems pass you by. 
Save your money, and go free!



1. Diptic

Diptic - Peak Systems


Diptic is now available for FREE as the App Store App of the Week! Price goes back to $.99 after the promotion, so download it now!

Diptic helps you easily combine multiple photos and apply artistic effects to create exceptional photo collages that can be shared with friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or Posterous. With 14 filters, rounded borders and 52 customizable layouts, there are unlimited options to create unique images!

• 52 standard layouts (one to five photos in each layout)
• Frame slider lets you customize inner frame dimensions
• 14 filters (requires iOS5)
• Adjust border color and width
• Create rounded inner and outer borders with a slider that lets you control curvature
• Create Diptics using photos you snap on the spot with your iPhone or iPad camera, photos from your camera roll, or import photos from Facebook or Flickr
• Shake to clear functionality on every screen lets you easily clear settings/photos and start over
• Pan, rotate, mirror and zoom individual photos
• Adjust brightness, contrast, hue and color saturation for each image
• Send Diptics directly to Instagram and any app that accepts JPGs (Camera+, Filterstorm, Dropbox, Evernote, GoodReader, etc.)
• Share Diptics via email or send to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter (must have iOS5 for Twitter export), Posterous Community or Tumblr
• High resolution export option for all devices and large high resolution for iPhone 4S and iPad 3
• iPad 3 Retina Display
• Random Layout Selection: Can’t choose? Use this feature to randomly select one of 52 layouts
• Random Photo Selection: Roll the dice to randomly select photos from your camera roll
• Gallery Mode lets you see what other people are creating with Diptic
• Optional Expandable Layouts (in-app purchase) lets you adjust outer dimensions

“A simple, elegant way to use pictures to tell your story.”
– Macworld

“Diptic’s well-designed interface, simplicity, and thoughtful balance of features make it a delightful app to use.”
– TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

• Featured in iTunes App Store’s “New and Noteworthy,” “What’s Hot,” “App of the Week” and “Staff Favorites”
• Top 50 in iPhone Paid Apps Overall!
• Top 3 in iPhone Paid Photography Apps!
• Top 5 in iPad Paid Photography Apps!
• Top 100 in iPad Paid Apps Overall!

• See what you can do with Diptic on Flickr:
• Follow Diptic on Twitter for photos and updates:
• Become a fan of Diptic on Facebook:
• Learn more about Diptic:
• Stay on top of updates and learn Diptic tips:

What’s new

• Filters! 14 free filters to make your Diptics look even more awesome (requires iOS5)
• Updated for iPad 3 Retina Display
• Large high resolution for iPhone 4S and iPad3
• Shake to clear functionality on every screen
• Bug fixes
• Hue adjustment
• Reset button: When making brightness, saturation, contrast and hue adjustments, you can tap the new “Reset” button to quickly pop all four sliders back to the default value




2. Fuzel – Collage Made Awesome

Fuzel - Collage Made Awesome - Not A Basement Studio


Tell your stories through beautiful photo collages!

Combine photos, add effects, write captions, and you are ready to share a great story with friends. All it takes is just 1 minute!

— Fuzel is now featured as “New & Noteworthy” —

❛Impressive on all counts!❜ – TheNextWeb

✮ No two stories are the same.
The collage you create is as unique as your story. 6 aspect ratios, including Facebook Cover, to choose from. You can cut your own layouts, or pick one from 30+ Default and Funky* preset layouts.

✮ All the photos.
Don’t miss any moments, they could tell an unexpected story. Simply take photos right in Fuzel, or import them from your library, Facebook Photos, or search on Google Image!

✮ Make it fun, make it beautiful.
Your story is great, but Fuzel make it even better: Image auto-enhancement. Filters. Basic & Decorative* Frames. Rounded corners. Basic and Crayon* base colors.

✮ Share your stories.
Let your friends know they are a part of your stories. Share your collages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, or email in high-res. You can even tag your Facebook friends!

✎ Give us feedback, or just say hi!
tw: @fuzelapp

* in-app purchase required
** This is the free version, the paid one is now called Fuzel Pro




3. Derby Manager

Derby Manager - Chengdu Dreambrother Network Technology Co.,Ltd.

Read our review here.

Dear user:

We will reward 100 Gems (worth $10) to users who had purchased our app at $4.99 from AppSotre . Please reach us in the following ways:
Required Information:
1. Scanned copy or electronic version of your purchasing bill in iTunes;
2. Your Hohool ID in the game;
3. Your user name in the game;
4. Your frequent contact information.

We will send Gems to your Derby Manager account within 3 days after confirmation of your information. Thanks again for your attention.

Derby Manager recommended in “New and Noteworthy” on the US App Store
10th to 16th, July, Derby Manager Free giveaway campaign with lucky draw for NEW PAD, multiple big surprise for you.
Surprise One:
A lucky winner who meets the requirements will be selected randomly by our system every day (Please check specific qualification for joining our campaign from Winner of every day will be rewarded a NEW IPAD or 5000 Gems (virtual currency in Derby Manager) as prize!
Surprise Two:
One player who races most with longest accumulated online time from 10th to 16th, July will be rewarded a NEW IPAD as gift.
Surprise three:
We will randomly select 3 players from those who have ever bet Gems on a race every day! Each player will be rewarded with 200 Gems (virtual currency in Derby Manager)!
Lucky Draw Time: We will select lucky winner of the day before at ET 0:00 am each day.
Attentions: As we need to contact winner player by email, all participants of our campaign are required to register Hohool ID, and do not enter the game with quick start.
For more information about the campaign:
Once upon a time, the ancient kingdom of heaven called Greefindo was disrupted by a legend of Pegasus. It was divided into four ancient states with different environments. Times have passed and the horse racing has become a popular sport. The sponsors gradually became a powerful organization called Horse Race Association across the continent. Everything seems to be going right…

Game Features:

Gamble – A unique gambling channel arranges Engagement races allowing bets. Every player can place a bet before the race starts. Horse race lottery and payouts are designed according to the rules of real horse racing. Race replays also provide you an exciting gambling experience.

Race – In all, 20 horse race tracks include Jungle, Rock, Desert and Sky with multiplayer engagement races available both online and offline. Racing items can be used in real-time races. A random horse race process is balanced against a fair horse race result.

Cultivation – Horse attributes are related to Blood, Class, Level, Age, and Mood. Scores of items and equipment are provided for strengthening attributes and growth of the horse. A horse avatar system, Hall of Fame, and varieties of cultivation such as feeding, cleaning, and training are available.

Gameplay – Stable Parking (squatting); Bounty Board races; and Neighborhood races based on LBS. Player can put enemy’s horse into a wanted list in Bounty Board for revenge. Horse race exploits and winning-point rankings are provided for League systems in follow-up versions. The horse can be raised and trained even when offline.

Sociability – the players’ relationships are based on massive user groups in the Hohool social networkwith a horse ranch message board and dynamic state. Interactive Stable Parking play (squatting), a friend system, a chat system, and mail system are provided for interacting with your friends at any moment.




4. Tiny Post

Tiny Post - Beeem Inc.

***Featured on TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Venture Beat, The Next Web, GigaOM and others.

Turn a picture into a story.

Make your pictures stand out by writing a caption on them. Tiny Post lets you add three lines of text to a photo and share on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Tiny Posts are hilarious, captivating, and arresting.

· Write on photos with your iPhone
· Use your camera or upload pictures from your photo library
· Share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr (Instagram and Pinterest coming soon)
· Follow your friends to see what they post
· Post privately with one tap

Ways to Use It:
· Meme generator for your own life
· Make funny photos of your friends even funnier with a caption
· Capture places you want to remember when you travel
· Make quick photo reviews of favorite restaurants
· Add cute captions to photos of your cat or kids
· Create poetic haikus

· “It’s so fun, like a visual poetic twitter. I love it.”
· “I haven’t been this excited about a service in a while”
· “This app is so fun! I love the whole 3-lines-and-a-picture theme, and it works surprisingly well.”
· “Love, love this app. It’s by far, my favorite. I’ve never taken more pictures, and tweeted until I discovered it.”

What people are doing with Tiny Post? Check out our most popular Posts at

We love to hear from you. If you have any feedback or questions, email us at:

Like Tiny Post on Facebook:

Follow us on Twitter: @tinypostapp

What’s new

Redesigned from the ground up, Tiny Post is now better in every possible way.

Make your photos stand out by writing 3 lines of text on them.

– Better looking: cleaner, prettier interface
– Funny, inspiring, poetic posts now curated via hashtags
– Hall of Tiny Fame: a place to see all the very best posts
– Comments! You asked, we delivered: you can now comment on any post
– Tag friends to increase the fun
– Create a post faster than ever
– Share to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr (Pinterest coming ASAP)
– Keep posts private so only you can see them
– Location is optional




5. Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator

Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator - Comedy Central

Good news, everyone! The Futurama iPhone app lets you create your very own Head-in-a-Jar, with more options than ever!

Go glamorous with a giant cyclops eye, class things up with a gleaming robot antenna, or submit to the dreaded Brain Slug. With a dizzying assortment of human, alien, and robot features, the possibilities are literally finite.

You can share your heads on Facebook and Twitter, save them to your phone as a background, or build your friends and make them images for your contacts. You can even create and share collections of heads in your own personal Head Museum, populated with Futurama versions of your family, friends, or fellow inmates.

Watch new episodes of Futurama Wednesdays at 10/9c on Comedy Central. And remember, you can also use the app to–ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD! ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD! ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

“Futurama © 2011 The Curiosity Company. Futurama TM and © 20th Century Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.”

What’s new


*New head shapes for all 4 species, including, by popular demand, a Decapodian head shape like Dr. Zoidberg
*Now with more colors for your Robots
*More choices for eyes, noses and hair
*Dozens of new accessories, including the dreaded Brain Slug
*Longer names are allowed thanks to an expanded name-plate
*Plenty of new backgrounds to put your heads in
*Improved sharing, to show your heads to all!




6. Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem - [adult swim]


“One of the best rail shooters on the App Store!” -IGN 8.5/10
“It’s funny, fast, violent, and leaves you wanting more.” -PocketGamer Silver Medal
“a lot of fun.” -Slide To Play 4/4
“I got points for Chicken Combos.” -AppSafari 4.5/5

Meet the newest recruit in the Adult Swim Games army: Major Mayhem. He’s got an itchy trigger finger, some scratchy stubble, and a fondness for shooting dudes in the face. Run and gun your way through gorgeous 3D environments as you embark on a mission to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend from the Forces of Evil. Guns, grenades and an assortment of other tools of destruction are at your disposal, and you’ll need every last one of ’em. So what are you waiting for, Major Mayhem? The future of the Free World — and your love life — hangs in the balance.

>> “This is slaughter done right, with enormous weaponry and a huge sense of fun.” -PocketGamer
>> “…extremely enjoyable and addictive. Major Mayhem takes elements from an Operation Wolf style shooting gallery, Canabalt platforming, Gears of War duck-and-cover and Max Payne bullet time, and mixes it into an action-packed budget platformer that’s hard to put down.” —TouchGen
>> “Major Mayhem is one of the best rail shooters on the App Store.” -IGN
>> “Bring[s]back memories of such games as Lethal Enforcers and Virtua Cop, or even more recent fare such as the Resident Evil Chronicles games for the Wii, though without being quite as serious as any of those.” -Slide to Play

• Universal app, optimized for play on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
• 45 levels of non-stop action
• 4 game modes
• Game Center Leaderboards
• 100 achievements
• 150 mini mission objectives
• 5 power ups
• Battle your way past hordes of enemies in three picturesque environments: Tropics, Metropolis and Desert
• 20 unique weapons in your arsenal to deal out MAJOR MAYHEM, like:
>> Automatic Shotgun
>> Minigun
>> Quadzooka (like a Bazooka only more massive-er!)
>> And more!
• 42 costumes and hats to make your Major’s fashion conscience which dealing massive devastation!
• Save the world, and your girlfriend

HAVING PROBLEMS? Help us fix any issues you run into while playing – email and tell us what you’re seeing along with the device/OS version you’re on.

What’s new

Major Mayhem has a Major new update!
We know it’s crazy but Major Mayhem is now FREE!

There is a heap more to do in Major Mayhem:
• 100 Achievements!
>> Game Center enabled or available offline if that’s how you roll.
• 150 mini mission objectives.
>> Complete them all to earn the highest rank and get rewarded for your effort!
• 3 new game modes
>> Timebomb (Minute mode)
>> Arcade (Random level order, insane scores)
>> Survival (Try to survive)
• Heaps of unlockables you can earn in game.
• 5 new and awesome power ups! including:
>> Air Strikes
>> Super Ammo
>> An invincible Robo-Major
>> and more
• 13 new weapons! including:
>> Magnum
>> Plasma Rifle
>> Power weapons that can shoot through objects!
>> and much more!
• 40 new and amazing costumes and hats!
• iPad retina support




7. DreamWorks Dragons: TapDragonDrop

DreamWorks Dragons: TapDragonDrop - PikPok


*** COMIC CON SPECIAL! Grab TapDragonDrop FREE for a limited time only! ***
This is Berk… where a great storm has struck the Viking village and sheep are now scattered throughout the land! Save the day by using your wits and new Dragon friends to solve puzzles throughout the dangerously funny, sheep-unfriendly world of Berk!
Tap, Drag and Drop your Dragon’s powerful abilities to rescue the flock. Use catapults, drawbridges and much more to your advantage as you explore the breath-taking Dragon world.

‘A magnificent game’ – AppCroc

‘If you’re a fan of How To Train Your Dragon, this game is definitely worth a download – 4/5’ -TouchArcade

3/4 Rating – SlideToPlay
* Play as Toothless and Hiccup!
* Explore more than 40 challenging levels from the boundless Dragon world!
* Rescue sheep by using a wide variety of items, from catapults and drawbridges to haystacks, boulders, and much more!
* Collect scattered Viking treasure to unlock secret hero levels!
* Watch out for more Dragons with unique fire-breathing and flying action!
* Universal App
* iCloud Support
* Retina Graphics
If you are experiencing any problems loading TagDragonDrop please power cycle your device. This can be done by pressing and holding the lock button until the shutdown confirmation slider appears on screen, then sliding that. Once your device has powered down you may restart it by pressing the same button.

We are working hard on an update to render this unnecessary, but in the meantime this should allow you to play.
Check the store for new dragons, new levels, and
other beautiful lands to explore!




8. 3D Brick Breaker Revolution

3D Brick Breaker Revolution - Digital Chocolate, Inc.

***Enjoy the summer! This Full version of the game is Free for a limited period!***

Experience a revolutionary brick breaking game that sets a new standard of fun over any break out style game you’ve ever played!

Check out our latest games:
3D Mini Golf Challenge
New York 3D Rollercoaster Rush
Zombie Lane
Download the Free Version now!

“Excellent take on the “Breakout” formula. The core game play is solidly intact, but wholly elevated by the ability to move up and down a tower of brick-filled screens. And the game vibrates with style. Highly recommended.”

Get blown away by stunning 3D graphics, infinite levels, insane power ups, secret bonus levels, epic boss battles and more! Three amazing game modes deliver endless excitement: Revolution, Classic and Time Attack! Pick up over 20 unique power-ups including Nukes, Magnets, Rockets, and Unstoppable Fury Ball! Watch your score bubble up as you are racing to break blocks in this innovative puzzler. Break your first brick to start a revolution today!

– Three game modes:
(1) Revolution Mode – Survive as long as you can playing endless levels and battling deadly bosses
(2) Classic Mode – Complete 99 levels and defeat the final boss
(3) Time Attack – Go as far as you can in a battle against the clock
– More levels, brick types, boss battles, game modes, power ups ever offered
– Never before seen Revolution mode features the ‘infinite’, big tower of brick levels, boss fights, secret levels and more
– Over 20 super power-ups including Lasers, Nuke, Mirror and Smart Bombs
– Great controls – gently slide or tap your fingers on the touch screen to break the bricks
– Check your progress in real time; earn up to 30 Achievement Badges for completing challenges
– Excellent music and sound effects

STILL NOT SURE? Try the Free Version

Check out DChoc’s hottest games: Crazy Penguin Catapult, 3D Rollercoaster Rush, 3D Mini Golf Challenge, Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D, 3D Brick Breaker Revolution and Millionaire City.

Get updated with Digital Chocolate’s latest product, promos and game tips! Visit us on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter! Find us FAST by searching for dchoc.

All trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.




9. Tap Tap Revenge Tour

Tap Tap Revenge Tour - Tapulous, Inc.

#1 mobile music game hit-maker Tapulous Inc.’s new Tap Tap Revenge: Tour offers you a chance to play tour manager and still be a rock star as you Tap, Slice and Shake to the hottest artists of today!

Play a new FREE TRACK EVERY DAY and discover NEW ARTISTS in our Featured Track of the Day series showcasing new and emerging music talent from around the world, including free tracks from LMFAO, Selena Gomez and Avicii and a rotating FREE MUSIC STORE of over 300 tracks. Play NEW premium tracks by Skrillex, Katy Perry, Flo Rida, Maroon 5, Carly Rae Jepsen, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Far East Movement (feat. Justin Bieber), Dev, Nickelback, Justice, Tiësto, Demi Lovato, BigBang, Zedd, Disney Channel stars and more!


•MUSIC VIDEO-themed tap tracks and enhanced LIGHT SHOWS let you put on the concert of a lifetime.
•SLICE shreds through tappers like there’s no way out!
•Multidirectional SHAKE makes the crowd go wild!
•IMPORT tracks from previous Tap Tap Revenge games.

•Play an Opening, Supporting and Headliner Act in a new city every day.
•Compete throughout the week for epic rewards for your customizable Tour Wall.
•Unlock extra Encore sets and win Artist swag, achievement trophies and more.
•Share Tour Wall awards and accomplishments with Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

•Get ready to JAM as you play the latest Tap Tracks and discover a new FREE Featured Track of the Day or Week!
•Play endlessly in Jam mode to prepare yourself for your rocking world tour.

Gear Loaded? Runway Cleared? Guitars tuned? VIP access granted? Are your fingers primed and ready?

Become a Facebook fan to receive news on featured artists in Tap Tap Revenge Tour:

Follow us @TapTapRevenge to engage with the Tap Tap Revenge Tour Community:!/TapTapRevenge introduces Tap Tap Revenge Tour from #1 Mobile Music hit-Maker Tapulous’s Inc




10. Matching With Friends Free

Matching With Friends Free - Zynga

From the makers of Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends comes Matching With Friends, a colorful, bouncy, and explosively fun puzzle game that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

The game starts simple enough: just line up 3 or more jelly blocks to make a match. But can you score more points than your friend?

Fun stuff inside:
• Get bonus points from multiplier spots and color bonuses
• Swap pieces for better ones to make that perfect match
• Drop a bomb on the board to make room for more matches
• Earn or buy coins to get more bombs and swaps

Served up With Friends style:
• Take turns making moves with friends in up to 20 simultaneous games
• ‘Match’ up with a random opponent if all your friends are busy
• Keep in touch or trash talk with chat bubbles
• Get notifications when it’s your turn to play
Use of this application requires a Facebook or Games With Friends account.

Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available in the Application License Agreement below as well as at Social Networking Service terms may also apply.

What’s new

My, what marvelous matching!

Thanks so much for your positive response and insightful suggestions for our newest With Friends game! This update puts together a slew of bug fixes and enhancements to smooth out your play experience and make it better than ever:

-You can now see your friend’s Facebook profile pic when it’s their turn, reminding you exactly who you’re color-chaining into oblivion.
-The piece placement in the tutorial is now more forgiving for people who haven’t played it a million times like us 🙂
-Small hints and reminders were fixed (they were broken) and now should explain various parts of the game as you play. Think of them as a stern but lovable mentor who chastises you all the time but secretly thinks you’re his prize student.
-Changed the paid icon to read “”Matching”” instead of “”Matching Paid””. You no longer have to ask yourself, “”Matching paid who?!””
-A bushel of bug fixes! Yes, they’re measured in bushels.

We can’t tell you how excited we are to bring this new game to you, and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it! If you have a great experience with the game, please take the time to rate us in the app store, as it helps us know if we’re doing a good job.

Thank you!

The Matchmakers




App prices are subject to change.




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