Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of the Week

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Here is our countdown of the Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of the Week.
Don’t let these gems pass you by. 
Save your money, and go free!

1. The Heist

The Heist - tap tap tap



Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Solve puzzles. Crack the vault. Claim the hard-earned prize waiting for you inside. Are you up to the challenge?

WARNING! This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds…

✓ A fiendishly secured vault worth cracking
✓ 4 types of challenging puzzles
✓ 60 fun, addictive puzzles to solve
✓ 19 Game Center achievements to earn
✓ A valuable prize awaits you at the end!

So what are you waiting for, agent…


“Far more enjoyable than attempting to rob a bank… it’s essential for both casual players and fans of the genre.”
— Pocket Gamer

“The Heist is slick, clever and challenging.”
— Touch Arcade

“If you are a puzzle aficionado, you should already have this app downloaded.”
— Appolicious

“Every so often, there’s a game that completely blindsides you… Without beating around the bush, The Heist is an instant classic.”
— Slide To Play

“The Heist is a smartly designed game that gives heft to the puzzle genre on all iOS devices.”
— Kotaku


What’s new


Agent, it appears we left some loot behind in the vault… I have the following update to brief you on:

• Find a copy of Puzzle Agent hidden inside the vault
• For the truly OCD (100% completion) we have a limited run of 25,000 copies of World of Goo… available as long as they last!

Bug Fixes
• iPod play through with remote control support
• Game Center enabled on older devices (iPad 1 and iPod Touch 2nd generation)
• Awards earned achievements if any were missed
• Vault exit button

Don’t you wish more updates came with extra prizes? Enjoy and happy heisting, agent! I’ll see you in the vault.

❤ Sophia




2. Dead Trigger



“Download the Store App and wish for more top rated paid apps like “DEAD TRIGGER” to become FREE!”

Dead Trigger is the most beautiful mobile game ever – 95/100

Seriously, give this game a try and blast the limbs off of the undead. 90/100

Holy sh*t. Those were the first words that escaped our lips upon seeing Dead Trigger. 90/100

“The world has collapsed.

In 2012 modern civilization is coming to an end. Global economics have been disrupted, money has lost its value. People have risen against the ignorant politicians who were just lining their pockets – and they didn’t spare any of them.

However, those who really ruled the world were prepared – and escaped. Suddenly billions of people died from a strange virus, while others turned into butcherly beasts with just one thought:

Only a few people on the planet have survived, at least until they run out of ammo… or learn how to stop them…”

Smash hordes of bloodthirsty zombies ★ Secure vital supplies ★ Save other survivors ★ Protect the Safe Haven ★ Explore the city ★ and uncover the provoking truth in this intense FPS action game!

☣ Get the best out of your device

⋆ Stunning graphics with advanced lighting and post-process effects
⋆ Full 3D characters and environments with an unprecedented level of detail
⋆ High quality 3D audio and a lively music soundtrack
⋆ Character animations recorded using high-end motion capture
⋆ Intuitive controls
⋆ Spectacular ragdoll effects
⋆ More then 40 hours of gameplay

☣ Enjoy the zombie slaughter in many different ways:

⋆ Blast ’em out of existence with lethal weapons
⋆ Blow them up with powerful explosives
⋆ Chop off their limbs and let them die slowly
⋆ Shoot away their heads
⋆ Evolving zombie AI will keep you entertained
⋆ Follow the story or enjoy unlimited random missions

☣ Load your gun and save the Earth!

⋆ Equip yourself with splendid high-poly realistic weapons
⋆ Utilise powerful gadgets including a laser amputator, blade chopper, baits, mines, grenades, radar and more

☣ New online service from MADFINGER Games

⋆ Receive free updates with new missions, weapons, gadgets, characters and more

We are happy to share more with you and hear your thoughts! Please follow us at:

What’s new

☣☣ Current Update(1.1.2) ☣☣

☣ New Features

*New weapons: Chain Saw, Lewis Machine Gun, Marine Engine with blades and American West Rifle
*New gadget: Head-Flator X100 to inflate the heads of zombies to XXXL size!
*New zombies: mutated mobsters or armoured SWAT members
*New environments: underground car park or secret research base
*Survival arena, that is tailor-made for massacre of hordes of zombies
*Daily rewards
*Casino: try your luck with a slot machine
*Save game data with cloud backup

☣ Bug Fixing

* Revive Kit (cooldown, number of usage during mission)
* Crash in Menu when too many missions were “available”
* Booster “Ammo Supply” did not working properly
⋆ Crash in GameCenter code
⋆ Various fixes in missions and graphics

☣ Tweaks
* Enemy AI
* Aiming on crawling enemies when enabled iron-sight
* New Hope accessible after first mission
* Shop ( items with zero owned pieces, etc. )
* Damages caused by mines, deactivated turret, cutters, exploding barrels that did not injure enemies on higher ranks

☣ Weapons, Gadgets, Upgrades
* Decrease price of various items
* Decrease required ranks
* Damage tweaks, etc

☣☣ New features in next Update(1.2.0) ☣☣

⋆ Make you happy…




3. Lapse It 

Lapse It • Time Lapse - Interactive Universe
Lapse It is an award-winning full featured app for capturing amazing time lapse videos with your iOS devices. It is easy, fast and intuitive.

It has been in top rankings of other platforms for months and now it finally arrived at App Store.

★ “Looking to do time-lapse with your mobile device? Lapse It is a very appealing option” by Erez Zukerman, PCWorld

★ “Lapse It is by far the best time lapse application I’ve come across so far” by Robert Iagar, AppStorm



● Capture stunning shots using the camera Full Sensor
● Blazing fast render engine supporting up to 1080p ( Limited on the lite version )
● Well designed User Interface for both aesthetics and usability
● Stunning different filters
● Ability to insert sound tracks on the Pro version
● Customizable frame rate
● Stop Motion Mode
● Render to MP4 and MOV
● Share directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many others
● Adjustable focus, white balance and exposure.
● Built-in Time Lapse Social Gallery.
● Video Trimmer
● Frequent updates and fast support
● The only time lapse app that you will need


● Front facing camera
● On screen information during capture
● Easily adjustable full featured settings
● No restrictions for capture length or frames
● Tested and approved by more than 500.000 people with 4.5+ rating

You can watch a video review at


This is the release version of the app, if you encounter any issue, please contact us at

Thanks !



Time Lapse is a photography technique that gives an accelerated view of slowly changing events. Events such as movement of clouds, the rising and setting of the sun, animal life, a party with your friends, even individual activities like drawing or playing sports or anything else that you can imagine. You will see them in a new way and otherwise undetectable patterns will emerge.




4. iBlast Moki HD

iBlast Moki HD - Godzilab


To celebrate the launch of our latest baby, Happy Street.
iBlast Moki HD is free for a very limited time

iBlast Moki has been completely redesigned for the iPad with high-definition graphics.

★ IGN 2009 Awards – iPhone Best Puzzle Game 2009 ★

★ Most Highly rated iPhone game Q3 2009 based on PG.Biz Quality Index ★

★ IGF Mobile 2010 – Honorable mentions ★
– – 9/10 – iPhone Best Puzzle Game 2009 Award – IGN Editors’ choice awards

– – 4.5/5 – iBlast Moki is an outstanding game you’re sure to be enjoying for months to come.

– – 5/5 stars – Best iPhone game of the year and best puzzle game 2009 – “I absolutely love iBlast Moki, and have awarded it my first ever 5 star review”

– – 4.5/5 stars – Best physics game 2009

– – Listed in 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2nd week of October

– – 5/5 stars – “Physics-based puzzle games are numerous on the App Store, and luminaries such as the Enigmo series, Tiki Towers, and the Perfect Balance series have proven the iPhone to be a haven for the genre. iBlast Moki stands above them all with challenging gameplay and almost unlimited replay value.”

– – 5/5 stars – “iBlast Moki is a well honed, gorgeous platformer that will keep you playing for days.”
For gameplay videos, please go to
Do you love bombs, creating contraptions and solving physics puzzles?
iBlast Moki is an original physics puzzle game where you blast cute little Mokis with the help of bombs and other crazy items.
FULL Version Features

– 85 levels, including several boss levels
– Enjoy the visuals of 7 completely different worlds with their own gameplay mechanics

– Realistic physics when you blow things up
– Lots of different items to manipulate like ropes, rising balloons, and rotating wheels

– Fully featured level editor included to create more puzzles
– Share your levels online, play and rate levels created by other players

– Add friends, race to the top of global leaderboards for high scores glory
– Earn awards and gamerpoints on Plus+, the free social gaming network

– Visit our website,, check out existing trailers, follow us on Twitter ( and leave comments on our forums

iBlast Moki is presented by Godzilab exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch

What’s new

– Universal version to support iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with Retina graphics
– Latest version of Plus+




5. Monster Life

Monster Life™ - Gameloft


Discover a magic world of cute monsters and exciting battles! This is the thrilling world of Monster Life!
A century ago, the islands of Numa were attacked by the mysterious Chaos. But a young monster keeper and his monsters fought back and brought peace to the islands!
As a novice monster keeper, you must now learn how to raise and train your own team of monsters as you build your own custom-made kingdom for them to live in. Then set off to explore every corner of the surrounding islands and stop the Chaos again!

• Discover a unique, magical and fun atmosphere
• Enjoy original 3D graphics in a world made entirely of paper!

• More than 20 original monsters to collect, each with endearing personalities and awesome abilities
• Train, feed and play with your monsters to make them stronger!

• Assign your monsters to the perfect training spot to boost their power and abilities
• Tons of buildings, decorations and custom options let you fulfill your monsters’ needs while building the most prosperous kingdom

• Journey across 36 different battle zones on 4 different islands as you seek out the minions of Chaos
• Fight them in epic battles with up to 3 monsters at the same time!
Visit our official site at
Follow us on Twitter at or like us on Facebook at to get more info about all our upcoming titles.
Check out our videos and game trailers on
Discover our blog at for the inside scoop on everything Gameloft.




6. IntoNow from Yahoo!

IntoNow from Yahoo! - IntoNow


A magical TV related experience – connect with friends, capture great moments while you watch, discover more about the show.

With IntoNow 3.0 we’re turning up the magic introducing Capit, Music Sync and Group Chat

Find out why:

– “Amazed to the point of being dumbfounded” – TechCrunch

– Best Smartphone App 2011 – Time

– Apple 2x “App of the Week” and Best of “Year in Rewind 2011”

– Great reviews in USA Today, WSJ, Fast Company, Wired

What’s new

Bug fixes
Performance updates




7. Slices for Twitter

Slices for Twitter - OneLouder

Slices is a gorgeous new Twitter app for iPhone and iPod Touch with a cutting-edge design, loads of features, and remarkable speed and responsiveness. But Slices is more than just a Twitter app.

Slices is the world’s first Twitter experience that lets you browse a Twitter directory by category, easily follow live events, slice your timeline into manageable streams, bookmark favorite accounts, and synchronize with a web experience.

In short, Slices is a completely new way to experience Twitter. It brings content discovery to the forefront and solves some of the biggest frustrations users have with the Twitter experience.

✪ Finding Follows – Slices is the only Twitter app with Explore. Explore is a directory of all of Twitter. With 21 browsable, searchable categories, finding people and lists to follow is astonishingly easy and fun.

✪ Live Events – Only Slices has Live Event streams, finally making it easy to follow live events on Twitter. Each stream displays a feed of tweets from the “right” people for today’s events, like sports, TV shows, and other happenings.

✪ Timeline Slicer – Another exclusive feature, the Timeline Slicer helps you organize your timeline into “Slices”. These are mini-feeds that you define, letting you read what you want, when you want it.

✪ Bookmarks – Anyone who browses the web is familiar with the Bookmark concept. But Slices is the first Twitter app with bookmarks. Just like on a web browser, you can bookmark favorite Twitter accounts or lists for easy access.

✪ Mobile-to-Web – Slices lives on your iPhone AND the Slices website. All your actions are automatically synchronized. No struggle to find where you left off, or notifications of messages/mentions that you have already seen.

Slices also sports a comprehensive list of features, as you’d expect from a top-of-the-line Twitter client. A few highlights:

• Up to 5 Twitter accounts
• Post to Facebook
• Auto sign-in to Twitter via iOS 5+
• Search Party – Enhanced search of your own timeline, individual accounts, mentions, private messages and more.
• SmartLists – Twitter lists with lots power user capabilities
• Zip It – Hide unwanted tweets without unfollowing
• Smart Filters – Filter your timeline with one tap to show only tweets with photos or videos

For complete details and a demo video, please go to




8. Gears & Guts

Gears & Guts - Glu Games Inc.


Download the Store App and wish for more top rated apps like “Gears & Guts” to be featured on FAAD!

The zombies have taken over your town.

Just wait until they hear the roar of your engines!

In Gears & Guts, the city’s hopes rest on you and your collection of nitro-burning, bullet-spitting, four-wheeled engines of destruction. Crush the undead beneath your tires. Tear them rotten-limb-from-rotten-limb with whatever military gear and experimental weapons you can bolt to your car. Power-slide a path to victory!

Grab your keys. Fasten your seatbelt. It’s time to put some blood on the highway.

• Wide-open combat in massive environments.
• Sports cars, monster trucks and armored vehicles.
• Dozens of cars and items to earn, including rare, experimental weapons.
• One car vs. hundreds of zombies

• The Walker: Cannon-fodder, but deadly in groups.
• The Bruiser: A walking mountain of undead flesh.
• The Runner: Keep your speed up or they’ll drag you down.
• … and many more!

Gasoline? Check! Gunpowder? Plenty! Zombie-seeking missiles? Oh, hell yeah.

***Gears & Guts does not support iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd Generation or earlier devices. Check Gears & Guts Support ( for help with iPad 1 and iPod Touch 4th Generation devices. ***

What’s new

➤ Game Center achievements enabled! Track your progress and brag to your friends.
➤ “Gauntlet” missions! Some zombies are tougher than others. How far can you get?
➤ Meet the Scorcher: A brand-new, red-hot sports car to zoom through early missions.
➤ Cinematic touches throughout the game. Get a new look at zombies before they come for your brains.
➤ New item sale options. Get more items right from your Loadout and get back into the game, fast!
➤ A variety of game balance adjustments.
➤ Bug fixes and various improvements.




9. Happy Street

Happy Street - Godzilab


★ Happy Street is FREE today with AppGratis ★

Discover a lively world where everybody is happy.
In Happy Street you will be able to build your own village, discover new places, make friends, play with mini games, fish, craft objects, collect resources and much more.

– Meet Billy, Zoe et Pepin and other unique characters.
– Customize your characters.
– Discover 3 unique environments and more to come.
– Play with your friends.

What’s new

– new dialogs + quests
– localized in french
– improved menu crafting with info on # of items to craft
– send premium villagers to friend’s hotel
– backup forest and mountain locations on our servers
– fixed villager speedup when coming back from the forest or mountain
– sort list of friends with the most recent connected at the top of the list
– fixed several crashes




10. Alien Raid

Alien Raid - Wizdom Studio Inc.

Update user notice!
please re-install the game.
over write update may cause crash.

Shooting Defense Game
Defend the Earth from an alien invasion!
‘Alien Raid’ creates a new concept game
combining shooting and defense features in one game to create an exciting and unique experience.

Unlike previous defense games,
‘Alien Raid’ provides shooting action plus strategy elements so that the player can have more stimulating game experiences.

Diverse Game Modes with Unique Experience
select weapons to deal with different types of aliens.

‘Alien Raid’ provides a wide selection of stages such as; endless,target and sequence modes for a more diverse experience.

The game has two modes; beginner and expert,so that users are able to approach and feel the game better and more fun.

Coming Soon: More stages & exciting stories!!

*This version does not support iPod 1st, and 2nd generation. We will fix this problem as soon as possible.


GIFT THIS APP: Click the “Buy App” arrow on the iTunes® App Store
FOLLOW US:!/PlayWizdom
Contact Us :
mail :
tel : 080-010-8686

What’s new

Bug Fix
(This version does not support iPod 1st, and 2nd generatio)




App prices are subject to change.




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