Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of the Week

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Here is our countdown of the Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of the Week. Don’t let these gems pass you by. Save your money, and go free!

1. Kumo Lumo

Kumo Lumo - Chillingo Ltd

★★★★★ WInner of Editor’s Choice on the App Store! ★★★★★

Every cloud has a silver lining…
Play as a smiling cloud as you float over the world in this one-of-a-kind rain ‘em up! Use rain to grow forests and douse fires, and use a bolt of lightning to zap enemies intent on ruining Kumo Lumo’s world. Featuring a unique artistic style and delightfully simple gameplay, you won’t be able to get enough of Kumo Lumo!

Press Love Lumo
“It’s an utterly endearing and entertaining little title that perfectly suits the ultra-competitive iOS market and stands tall with any of this year’s major releases.” — 148 Apps, 4/5

“Have you been on cloud nine? Well, that’s probably where you’ll end up as soon as you get hooked on Kumo Lumo.” — AppAdvice

Kumo Lumo marries unique artwork with a completely new genre—the rain ‘em up!

Use torrents of rain as well as devastating lightning bolts on the environment and those who inhabit it.

A blast for gamers of every age, Kumo lumo delivers great gameplay for everyone.

Kumo Lumo looks and plays great on all devices.

For more information or support, please visit

What’s new

Kumo is unleashed on the vast open skies of iPhone 5 for even bigger and beautiful cloud based fun!




2. Solar Walk – 3D Solar System Model

Solar Walk - 3D Solar System model - Vito Technology Inc.

*** Halloween contest on ***
*** A Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner ***
*** Featured by Apple as Best Apps of 2010 and Best Apps of 2011 ***
*** One of the first apps on the AppStore with real 3D TV Support ***

Have you ever built a Solar system model? Cups, bowls, and papier-mache balls are in the past, because Solar Walk is a time-sensitive accurate information-packed interactive model of the Solar system and the Milky Way galaxy.

“Amazing graphics, very informational, and very accurate. One of my favorite apps already! The fast forwarding time interface is awesome!!!” by staceelo

“Solar Walk app is Out of this world
This app is so cool when hooked and played through an HDtv. The detail, music, and 3D toggle really set this apart from other apps like it.” by HARR1SON

“This app is too amazing for words. Use it all the time and was worth the $.” by ilikeapps1234567890

“I showed my class this and they were all amazed! The planets looked so detailed and the Sun’s glowing and fiery animation really captivated everyone’s attention (including me!) I’d recommend anyone teaching or learning about the solar system this app. Five Stars!” by Kevan M

This 3D Solar System model lets you navigate through space and time, see all the planets in close-up, learn their trajectories, inner structures, history of their exploration, points of interest and more. It even has detailed 3D models of the most interesting man-made satellites. Use 3D mode to get a more realistic experience and zoom out to view and spin the entire Galaxy!

“Zoom from Mercury to Pluto (which makes the cut in this app), passing each planet’s moons along the way. Because Solar Walk knows what time it is, the planets are in proper orientation to the Sun: Earth is dark where it is currently night and gradually lightens to daytime on the other side,”© by Sam Grobart from The NYT.

“Instead of exploring the night sky and deep space, you get to tour our Solar system in luscious 3D graphics. The iPad version is breathtaking with crisp graphics and beautiful color. The smooth finger controls combined with the spectacular graphics make this a perfect demo for the iPad. Dragging your finger to fly around the planets is a bit intoxicating, and I’m impressed with the smooth animation.” © by Mel Martin, TUAW.

• GALAXY view – absolutely magical zoom out to view the whole galaxy option.
• TIME MACHINE – set any date you want including even minutes and take a travel through space and time.
• MOVIES – explanatory movie collection about the Earth’s phenomena.
• SATELLITES – real-time trajectories of the most interesting artificial Earth’s satellites.
• LOCATIONS – arrow will show your current position on the globe, plus names of the biggest cities of the Earth, as well as sights of the Moon, Mars and Venus.
• INFO about all planets – general info, its name, its mass, radius, distance to the sun, internal structure with the picture and science missions.
• MOONS of DIFFERENT PLANETS: select a planet like Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars or Urano and observe how many moons they have and their track around the planet. Select one of the moons and learn.
– MIRRORING – wirelessly mirror the screen to an Apple TV 2.

*No Internet connection required*
Mind that to use the 3D mode you will need a pair of cyan-red 3D glasses. And, yes, we know that Pluto is no longer considered a planet, but by popular vote it has been added to the Solar System Model anyway.
Vito Technology is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: all
Categories: Environment, Science

What’s new

– iPhone 5 Ready!
– Added Curiosity model on Mars
– Added info about Curiosity in “Science Missions” of Mars
– New models and textures for Phobos and Deimos
– Bug fixes




3. Mailroom – Gmail and Google Apps Mail Client

Mailroom - Gmail and Google Apps Mail Client - David Martorana

Mailroom provides seamless integration between Gmail’s world class mobile web app and familiar iPhone conventions, along with progressive web interface enhancements for features Google left out, giving you access to your local iPhone Address Book, attachment viewing, managed offline reading/replying/composition, and more.

Whether you have a single Gmail or Google Apps for your Domain account, or several, Mailroom makes your Gmail experience on your iPhone incredible.

Data connections got you down? Mailroom’s HTML5 offline support keeps a version of your recently read and received messages on your phone, so you can read, reply, and compose messages without Edge, 3g or Wifi.

Have more than one account? You’re going to love Mailroom. Moving between accounts is faster and more useful. Mailroom’s “TrueNew” message count badges tell you not just how many unread messages you have, but how many are new since the last time you loaded the app. No more unread message anxiety thanks to Mailroom!

On “Badges” and “Push:

Mailroom customers, we heard you loud and clear about badging and push notifications. While we currently don’t support push notifications directly, we’re integrating with partners to deliver push. Mailroom already integrates with Prowl and Boxcar to deliver push notifications! We are working to provide even more push-notification integration points as quickly as possible.

* Easy switching between multiple Gmail AND Google Apps for Business accounts.
* Gmail’s built in threaded conversations!
* Offline (HTML5 Storage) mode keeps your Gmail FAST, only loading what you need each time. It also lets you read, reply, and compose without a data connection. The accounts screen will indicate which accounts are available for offline viewing.
* “TrueNew” message count badges show total unread counts and the number of new unread messages since you last opened Mailroom.
* View with images! View HTML email message as they were meant to be seen in a proper viewer with multi-touch viewing!
* Optional Badge Icons to display unread or “TrueNew” message counts.
* Always pick up right where you left off! Mailroom remembers where you were last, in every account!
* Add To:, CC:, and BCC: recipients from either Google contacts or your native iPhone Contacts address book
* Attachment viewer supports .pdf, .doc, .docx, .htm, .html, .pdf, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg, .tiff, .gif, .mp3, .aac, .mp4 files and more
* Built-in web browser lets you view links in you email without leaving Mailroom, or go to Safari – your choice!
* Built-in picture viewer lets you pinch zoom image attachments and save them to iPhoto!
* TextExpander support while composing, replying, and forwarding email!

Experience Gmail as it’s meant to be used – labels, threaded conversations, blazing fast speed – in one easy-to-use mail application.

What’s new

– Fix for iOS 4




4. Super Mega Worm

Super Mega Worm - Deceased Pixel LLC

iPhone App of the Week – 09/23/10 –
Essentials App Collections: HALL of FAME
App Store Top #5 App
App Store Top #3 Game
Mother Earth is on the brink of extinction and has released her last defense, the Great Death Worm, Wojira. Wojira is on a revenge mission to destroy all the Human parasites. Crawl and eat your way through waves of humans and their robots of destruction. Grow and evolve into the ultimate weapon of destruction. You are the last line of defense, can you save the world?

– Super fun, fast and furious Gameplay
– Awesome Retro Art Style
– 24 Action Packed Levels
– 2 Different Game Modes
– 3 Destructive Super Abilities
– 3 Different Control Schemes
– 20 Delicious Items to Eat
– Game Center Support (Leaderboards and Achievements)
– iPad Support (Universal App)
Super Mega Worm VS. Santa Now Included!
– 15 Action Packed Levels
– Final Boss Fight with Santa!
– Over 15 New Items to Eat and Destroy
– 3 New Super Abilities
– 2 Chaotic Game Modes

Mecha Worm (DLC)
– No Dying From Hunger!
– Infinite Death Beam!
– Homing Missiles!
– Instant Space Jump!
– Special Theme Song!
Accessories / Support:
– iCade / iCade Mobile
– Fling Compatible
– Joypad enabled

“Super Mega Worm is a gas. It’s absolutely bizarre – the humor and WTF scenarios are truly funny – but unlike so many other weird games, Super Mega Worm is actually fun to play for more than five minutes.” 8/10

“I have to admit that for nearly the entire time I played Super Mega Worm I had a smile on my face, and that’s the best recommendation this reviewer can give.” 4-1/2/5

“This game is hard to put down once you have started playing.” 10/10

“Super Mega Worm is pure kitschy fun!” Must Have – 4/4

“Super Mega Worm is basic mindless fun and an easy game to jump in to, so casual and hardcore action fans will both get a kick out of this title.” 4/5

“This is one game I am sure you will download to your iPhone and keep for a long time.” 4/5

“Super Mega Worm is an action packed slaughter house of worm mayhem that is fun and challenging.” Worth It

What’s new

– iOS 6 Compatibility
– iPhone 5 Wide Screen Support
– Fixed crash when time ran out in space
– Other bug fixes and optimizations




5. Monster Cats

Monster Cats - Haptic Tactics Studios, LLC


Transform into Monster Cats with unique powers to find your friends in the mysterious forest!

The Monster Cats have been captured! Run through the forest, completing missions and collecting coins, to rescue your confined friends. As you save the Monster Cats, they’ll team up with you to help save the rest! Monster Cats features innovative physics-based gameplay and hours of new content. Hone your skills to top the leaderboards and save ALL the Monster Cats!

Monster Cats features full GameCenter support for both Achievements and Leaderboards!

You’ll need the reflexes of a cat to survive this feline adventure! The legendary Mittens has already saved Fangs the Bat Cat, but it’s up to you to save the other seven cats and unite all nine! Fangs uses his nifty pair of wings to dodge incoming obstacles; just tap to flap! Or rescue Dante the Lava Cat to drill through lava and soar through the air! Unlock all the cats and their unique powers, including a Ghost, a Zombie, and even a Wizard!

Watch out for chilly ice blocks, hot floating flames, and impending homing missiles while trying to save each and every cat!

You’re not alone on your quest, though! Exchange coins you’ve collected for special badges with game-changing effects! Have a favorite Monster Cat or want to jump like you’re on the moon? There’s a badge for that! With up to six badge slots, who knows what could happen!


“This game excellently showcases a cat’s innate ability to turn into a wizard and teleport to arbitrary locations.” – Thomas Felkins, Feline Expert
What are you waiting for? Save the Monster Cats!




6. Aiko Island HD

Aiko Island HD - IceFlame LTD

★ Now supports the 4″ display on the new iPhone 5 and iPod Touch! ★
★ New iPad Retina Support, Full iCloud Save Syncing, Universal App ★

Pop, drop and roll! On Aiko Island, think before you tap as you play this addictive block-popping, cookie-dropping, hit puzzle game! Use your wits and skill to pop blocks, destroy the evil Red Aiko, and return the cookies to the friendly Blue Aiko. Be careful not to lose any Blue Aiko in the process!

Aiko Island features hours of simple yet addictive challenging physics-based puzzles spread over the exotic Aiko Island. Earn cookies for your performance on each level that you can use to progress and unlock future levels.

Aiko Island looks incredible on your new iPad, with ultra sharp graphics on a Retina iPad.

Use iCloud to seamlessly switch between the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch!

★★★★★ Press Quotes ★★★★★ :
“if I could play just one game in this genre, I’d seriously consider choosing this one … If you were to create a ‘best of’ mix for physics puzzlers, it would probably end up looking a lot like Aiko Island.” :
“the puzzles vary wildly from one level to another, and it’s always interesting to see what’s next.”

AppSmile :
“Animations are smooth and simple, and the physics engine allows for some challenging level designs”.

GameZebo :
“Aiko Island is a fun little game that contains an insane amount of content in a very attractive package.

Enjoy the original musical score and animated cut scenes while you bring down the troublesome Red Aiko using ropes, cannons, explosions, and much more.

Unlock new areas by collecting cookies on your way and choose your own path through Aiko Island.

Each of the 125+ Levels will test your logic, skill and daring as you aim to defeat the Red Aiko as fast and efficiently as possible.

★ 125+ intuitive physics-based puzzles, each with a unique challenge!
★ Easy to play, with simple one-touch controls.
★ Hours of gameplay with hugely addictive replay value.
★ Musical score written by the Award winning composer Sean Beeson.
★ Full Game Center/Openfeint integration.
★ Compete with friends on global speed run leader boards.
★ Color Blind/High Contrast Mode
★ Many more levels to come!

Just a few of the amazing 5-Star Reviews from our happy customers!

Trey Butler – “This app is totally awesome!” USA ★★★★★

Tiffany Rodriguez – “I love this game. It’s challenging at times and easy at others. It keeps you entertained! I’d recommend it to anyone who likes puzzles” USA ★★★★★

Qwerty543 – “This game is awesome! A must have for puzzle fans, very original, lots of levels.” UK ★★★★★

Cheeky cake face – “This is an awesome game! I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it!” Australia ★★★★★

IceFlame is a two man, independent games studio committed to making great games and supporting our customers with free updates! Please take a moment to rate the game in iTunes and spread the word by telling your friends about our game. As this really helps us spend more time working on making more awesome updates!

Also why not Gift Aiko Island: Click the “Buy App” arrow on the iTunes® App Store.

What’s new

Now supports the 4″ display on the new iPhone 5 and iPod Touch!




7. PhotoViva

PhotoViva - Lamina Design

New Version 2.08 now available!

Now you can select the image size to paint higher resolution images.
There is an improved user interface with enhance and paint modes, and the app uses less memory on your device. You can also choose to start painting with a blank canvas when a new image is loaded. Image processing is made faster with OpenGL ES 2.0, and PhotoViva also now links to online documentation.

“Fantastic! – Amazing flexibility and quality.”

“Mind-Blowing unique painterly effects.”

“I love this app!!!!”

“Unique effects. – Surprising amounts of app depth.”

“…truly a hidden treasure.”

“Absolutely awesome, will use this a lot!”

“Wow! – Didn’t expected so much from an iPhone drawing app.”

PhotoViva is a powerful application for photo editing and freeform painting. It can help you transform your pictures into expressive and colorful works of art.

In addition to tools for enhancing your photos, there are paint brushes that let you make abstract painted interpretations of photos. You can select a brush and copy image features by cloning or painting. Brushes can track the direction of movement, or you can set the brush direction. You can also change the hue, saturation and blur of brush strokes as you go.

App Hints
• Use large brush strokes to fill the canvas, then use smaller brush strokes to reveal detail
• Use Brushes in “Clone” mode instead of “Paint” mode to copy the source image to the canvas
• Use Tools->Blend undo.. to vary the density of your most recent change to the canvas
• Use the Airbrush in “Clone” mode to blend the image directly to the canvas after painting with brush strokes
• Try clearing to White, Black or Cream using the Fill menu before painting
• Add color noise to brush strokes to make a lively variation in the color
• Use less or no color noise when painting on skin tones
• Use the HDR correction feature on images that have people in the shadows

The maximum output image size is based on the CPU and graphics capabilities of your iOS device.

Featured Functionality
• Support for all iOS devices running iOS version 3.0 or newer
• Universal app: buy once and run on all your iPhones/iPads/iPods
• Zoom and pan your canvas to do detailed work
• Image cropping
• 10 levels of undo and redo
• Camera support for devices with cameras
• Gallery of sample images provided

Terrific Tools
• High Dynamic Range (HDR) correction
• RGB adjustment
• Shadows, midtones, and brightness control
• Saturation and Sharpening
• Autopaint mode
• Hue adjustment
• Add noise function
• Watermarking
• Blend functions
• Fill to white, black or cream
• Fill frame, outline or center
• Fill to current color

Brilliant Brushes
• 20 brushes are provided
• Set the angle or let the brushes track your touch
• Brushes paint or clone
• Brush size and color can be varied

Color Creativity
• Edit colors or pick colors from the canvas
• An image can be used as a source of color
• Adjust brightness, blur, saturation and hue on the fly
• Current canvas can be used as a source of image color
• Noise can be added to the color to vary the paint strokes

What’s new

Fixes memory problem that caused occasional crashes.




8. Chasing Yello

Chasing Yello - dreamfab



“This game is lots of fun and a sure winner for fans of the endless runner genre.” – AppAdvice

“On the surface, what ensues is essentially Temple Run meets Jetpack Joyride…great mixture of tilt controls, swipe controls and level design to make things feel tight and challenging, not gimmicky.” – Gamezebo

“It’s competent, funny, and cute…it’s a blast.” – Touch Arcade

Take an Adventurous swim in the raging river as the Chase continues!

7-year-old Mathilda lets her helpless goldfish, Yello, taste freedom in the local wild creek. Help Yello to escape Mathilda and navigate the poor fish through a rough adventure in the dangerous river filled with rocks, burning logs and piranhas!
Will Yello escape, fall victim to the hazardous environment, to Mathilda’s fish net??

Action packed Endless Runner:

√ Steer clear of tons of dangerous hazards by simply tilting to move, swipe up to jump and down to dive
√ Lots of awesome power ups, including shield, magnet, rocket and super star
√ Collect stars and buy better power ups
√ Awesome cartoon animations!
√ Game Center leaderboards and goal system
√ Show off your score on Twitter and Facebook

More games from dreamfab:

“Tons of kooky charm.” – Slide to Play

“An ideal casual delight.” – 148Apps

“Sure to create a lot of happy faces.” – 148Apps

“Smashing up cities and making mayhem is great fun!” – Touch Arcade

What’s new

– We fixed the issues appearing when the player reaches the maximum rank
– The Twitter brag feature works properly now

Stay tuned for a huge update coming soon!






9. Chicken Raid

Chicken Raid - FDG Entertainment



A rowdy chicken gang is all over the place besieging your property – and they don’t plan to leave anytime soon. Touching them would be a bad idea! Worry not – there’s a smarter way to get rid of the troublemakers. Tap on any breakable object to cut or destroy it and cause chain reactions which ultimately kill the chicken.

Cause hilarious “accidents” with bombs, dropping objects and an arsenal of weapons. Think wisely – less actions result in higher scores.

Unlock cool extras like Comic Strips and listen to the “Chicken Song”, exclusively produced for the game. A lot of love went into creating this game and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Feature Overview:

✓ 96 Levels
✓ Original Soundtrack
✓ Amazing Sound Effects
✓ Detailed Animations
✓ Stunning Physics Simulation
✓ Retina Display Support
✓ Upgradeable Arsenal
✓ Unlockable Comics
✓ Unique Scenarios
✓ Based on “Chicken House” Flash Game
✓ Game Center Support




10. Glowfish (Full)

Glowfish (Full) - MumboJumbo


“Glowfish is aquatic exploration nirvana. It’s got absolutely everything going for it. It plays like a dream, looks and sounds like a dream, and fills you with a real sense of wonder. There’s no other word for the whole package other than ‘magical.’ Glowfish is a must have for every single iPad owner.” – (iPad version)

“The game’s gorgeous, even by MumboJumbo standards, and the whole experience is just pleasant. Check this one out.” – (iPad version)

“… A glowing visual feast masquerading as a fun underwater adventure game for your iPad. If you’ve played and enjoyed games like Osmos, then you’ll love what GlowFish has to offer.” – (iPad version)

“The sound is perfect for the gameplay and sounds great with or without headphones. The music is moody and atmospheric without being overwhelming or overbearing. Did I mention that the game is gorgeous?” – (iPad version)

“With over 50 levels, you’ll be constantly surprised and pleased by everything that Glowfish HD throws at you.” – (iPad version)


The evil Dr. Urchin has kidnapped Coralline! It’s up to Glowfish to free his lady friend and sea pals everywhere from his clutches in this underwater platform adventure.

50 vibrant, colorful ocean landscapes await in this arcade-style underwater adventure game. Filled with charming sea creatures, you must navigate your way through the twists and turns of each maze level with a fluid joystick control system.

Beware—while you scour the ocean floor in search of lost friends waiting for rescue, a host of enemies is lurking! Each level takes you deeper in the unique ocean world with new challenges and enemies at every turn. Gather your friends to make Glowfish bigger and better at challenging the boss on each level. Set the captive friends free by surrounding Glowfish with a powerful ring of friends, or circle the enemy to fire your blasting bubbles and win each arcade battle.

Add to your team by collecting powerful Glow Chums to help you along the way, and upgrade them by collecting coins to give you even more of an edge in each boss battle! Dive in and be prepared to be dazzled by Glowfish.


· 50 A-Maze-ing platform adventure levels
· Unlock all 8 Glow Chums
· Collect coins to upgrade your Glow Chums
· Dominate in each Boss Battle
· Get 4 Stars on each level
· 25 Achievements
· Hours of family-friendly entertainment


Search for MumboJumbo on the App Store and the Mac App Store, or visit to find more great games from MumboJumbo!!!

7 Wonders
Chainz Galaxy
Everyday Genius: SquareLogic
Luxor: Amun Rising
Luxor 2
Midnight Mysteries: Devil on the Mississippi
Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials
Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate
Unlikely Suspects

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to an error Glowfish can presently be installed on an iPod Touch Gen 2 and iPhone 3G. Glowfish was designed for the iPod Touch Gen 3 and iPhone 3GS and newer devices and will therefore run unacceptably slow on iPod Touch Gen 2 and iPhone 3G and older devices. We are working on a fix for this problem right now and would suggest that owners of these older devices await the next update.

What’s new

Minor bug fixes and update to ‘More Games’ functionality.



App prices are subject to change.



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