Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of the Week

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Here is our countdown of the Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of the Week. Don’t let these gems pass you by. Save your money, and go free!



1. Colorized: Social Sketching and Coloring Book

Colorized: Social Sketching & Coloring Book - Happiness Engines, Inc.

Colorized is the truly social sketching app that lets you and your friends sketch what’s around — or whatever’s in your head — and then remix every sketch you see.

Find what your friends are sketching, and throw a new twist on that self-portrait of your boss. Or that sweet dragon your buddy drew. Or those kicks your cousin just scored (they were obviously the wrong color). Whatever you find, you can redo. Each remix gets grouped with its inspiration, so you can hold ongoing sketch battles between friends and always flip to what happened previously.

* Free-draw or sketch from a photo using the Colorized Sketch Camera — in either “toon color” or black and white
* Color or sketch using the pencil, spray can, or eraser tools
* Place stamps on your sketches, including mustaches, monsters, and more!
* Zoom in to get those fine details, or add that miniature fighter jet in the background
* Publish in seconds flat, and share easily on both Facebook and Twitter
* Remix! Take any sketch you find from your friends or the Colorized community, and make it into your own
* View your friend’s drawings, or check out Trending sketches across the Colorized community
* Search to find friends and popular hashtags
* And more coming!

We love watching what the Colorized community creates! Tell us what you think should be the next great tool or feature by pressing the Feedback button under settings, or by dropping an email to

What’s new

Our biggest update yet! We’ve made good on over a dozen additional features and enhancements on the Colorized wish list, including:

* Search! Now you can look for users and hashtags
* Ranked lists of popular hashtags and prolific users across Colorized
* New Toon camera filter! Add a little color to your sketches right away
* Stamp tool: the fastest way to add personality to your sketches, including everything from monsters to pandas to monocles and mustaches. More to come!
* Revised creation flow: start with the camera, or press “Free Draw” to go directly to your canvas
* Use images from your camera roll to Colorize, in case last week’s photo of your wig party inspires you
* Full support for iOS6 Twitter functionality
* A new Sketching interface
* Invite Friends ability, to start sketch battles between you and your buddies (pull from either your device contacts or from Facebook)
* Flagging functionality
* The ever-popular Undo tool, if you decide your dog really didn’t need that space helmet
* New Profile interface (see users’ Likes!)
* Speedier thumbnail loading
* Save your sketches to your Camera Roll (accessible via the Settings page)





2. Hairy Balls

Hairy Balls - Redtribe


Simple to play, hard to put down, highly addictive, it will challenge your brain !
If you like brain training, you will love this puzzle game

Roll the balls towards their correspondingly coloured mushrooms. The balls can only move in straight lines and will only stop when they hit something or another ball. Place your balls strategically to solve the puzzles. All balls must reach their correspondingly coloured mushrooms to clear a level.

If you love puzzle games and you’re looking for something fun and rewarding, challenge yourself to a game of Hairy Balls.


Over 1.8 million games played each and every day in November and rising! If you play you stay! Come join the fun

✔ “Hairy balls is undeniably one of the best free to play games currently available on the App Store.” Boston Video Game Examiner

✔ 3 level packs each introducing a new game mechanic. 66 levels with increasing challenges. An additional 66 levels are currently being produced.

✔ iCloud integration. Levels are unlocked automatically across all your devices (iPhone, iPad).

✔ Challenges your brain, develops your planning and spacial reasoning skills.

✔ Quirky characters and backgrounds and an original soundtrack.


What’s new

– New levels! We have doubled our level count, adding a mix of easier and more challenging ones. This brings the total amount of levels to 132!
– All bundles are unlocked! You can now try out any of the bundles without having to complete the previous ones.
– As a big thank you for your support, we have given everyone a ton of free hints and doubled the hints you earn through supporting us!
– Ludicrous amount of hints, great value!





3. Zapd

Zapd - PressPlane Inc.

Create beautiful, social websites. In 60 seconds. From your iPhone.

Zapd is the original iOS website builder. We were an App Store Rewind 2011 list, an Apple Staff Pick, App of the Week and a Top Ten App in 20 countries!

Zapd is a super simple and fun app that lets you create instant, themed websites straight from your iPhone. Just select a theme and then add photos, text, or links and you’re done!

This new release is HUGE. The new version is brand new. In fact, it’s a total rewrite and we couldn’t be more excited. Here are the big highlights:

1) Collaboration. Yep. Start a Zap, invite your friends and you can all make the same website together. Everyone can add content from wherever they are. Perfect for any event.

2) Social is built in. Anyone can follow you. You can follow anyone else. When you make an update to a Zap, your friends will know!

3) Discovery. A new “Zap feed” is built in so you can discover new and cool Zaps from all over the world.

4) New Zapd themes each month! Right from the app, you’ll be notified of new and premium website themes as they come in.

5) Made for mobile and tablets. Each Zap you make automatically reformats itself for the device on which it is being viewed. You don’t have to do a thing. It just works. And, of course Zaps look great when viewed from a laptop or desktop computer!

What’s new

This new release is HUGE. The new version is brand new. In fact, it’s a total rewrite and we couldn’t be more excited. Here are the big highlights:

1) Collaboration. Yep. Start a Zap, invite your friends and you can all make the same website together. Everyone can add content from wherever they are. Perfect for any event.

2) Social is built in. Anyone can follow you. You can follow anyone else. When you make an update to a Zap, your friends will know!

3) Discovery. A new “Zap feed” is built in so you can discover new and cool Zaps from all over the world.

4) New Zapd themes each month! Right from the app, you’ll be notified of new and premium website themes as they come in.

5) Made for mobile and tablets. Each Zap you make automatically reformats itself for the device on which it is being viewed. You don’t have to do a thing. It just works. And, of course Zaps look great when viewed from a laptop or desktop computer!





4. NowThis News

NowThis News - NowThis News


NowThis News brings you the latest scoops on the most buzz-worthy and shareable video news! Laugh, cry and always be up to date wherever you go.

Download the NowThis News app to get an original video experience: breaking news, entertainment, politics, technology and the latest on our most defining moments.

Have questions or feedback about the NowThis News app? Email us at We’re going to continue improving the app experience to bring you the best news built for mobile and social. We really want to hear your suggestions.


* One app to rule them all that works for your iPhone and iPad

* Facebook, Twitter and email buttons make it easy to share from the app

* News alerts

* Full screen video news clips

* Top news, politics, entertainment, tech, breaking news and more




5. Tracing Paper

Tracing Paper - Hesham Wahba


On sale for FREE!!! to celebrate the release “Cato’s Hike”, my new game to teach children (and adults) basic programming! Please check out and enjoy 🙂

Featured AppsGoneFree. Your daily free app resource.

Tracing Paper is a simple yet elegant universal application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that helps you practice and improve your drawing and sketching skills by giving you a blank translucent canvas with a clean and simple grid on which you can trace anything you wish as often as you like. I believe it will be great for anyone who enjoys drawing or for kids that just want to play around!

After choosing a photo from your library you can adjust its size and location under the canvas using your fingers to pinch to rotate/zoom and one finger to drag it around, then you just trace and shade whatever you wish using your finger. If you make a mistake simply choose the eraser tool and erase your mistake (also, you can use the eraser creatively to help add details in ways that are different from simply drawing), or if you want more accuracy than an eraser there is undo/redo support for up to 8 actions. For those hard to see details zoom, rotate or pan the canvas in for further detail by simply pinching the canvas or using two fingers and dragging to move! For those details where we want the colors to really pop there is now support for coloring and changing the pencil size to draw larger or smaller details as needed! For those moments where you want to quickly fill a region, there is now flood fill support, just press the bucket tool and click in an enclosed region to fill in.

After you are done, wow the world and save your masterpiece to your Photo Library or share it via Email, Facebook, Twitter, PDF or even copy to the clipboard or use open-with to open it in compatible programs to touch it up!

Tracing Paper features:
• Super-smooth drawing with proprietary OpenGL-based rendering engine
• 2 pencil styles
• Support for tracing any photo from your device’s photo album
• Gallery mode to browse to create/load/edit your traces
• Shading support just like a real pencil, draw over the same area multiple times to shade it darker
• Changing brush size to help draw or shade larger areas
• Zooming, rotating and panning of the image to trace to focus on the details that matter (pinch to zoom/rotate, two fingers to pan)
• Flood Fill
• Undo/redo up to 8 actions
• Saving your creations to your Photo library
• Sending your traces via email, Facebook, Twitter, PDF, Open-with for other programs

I am definitely excited about this project and want to continue improving it as much as possible. I’ve already added many features based on feedback I’ve received and I’m always appreciative of new ideas that fit the vision and feel of this app. Please feel free to leave ratings and reviews however you feel and I will do my best to respond with updates!

You can reach me anytime at the email below or via twitter at: @tracingpaperios. Please feel free to email me ANY questions, comments or crashes you have. I will continue working to add new features.

Version 5.2
– iPhone 5 and iOS6 fixes
– fix using the new pencil mode on iOS6
– save last used pencil settings
– many stability and OpenGL crash fixes, especially multitasking
– fix grid crashes
– support for the new iOS6 sharing sheet

– all new rendering engine OpenGL-based engine using shaders for smoother drawing and no lag!
– rotation for traces
– zoom or drag trace in/out from edges of device so can draw across whole surface!
– flood fill (bucket fill) tool to shade sketches quickly
– resizeable eraser
– faster/auto-saving so you don’t lose your drawings!
– PDF export and email
– copy to clipboard to paste directly in emails or other programs
– “Open With…” to open background images from many programs directly into Tracing Paper
– “Open With…” to open your traces straight into other programs for finishing touches!
– undo up to 12 actions

What’s new

I’m celebrating the release “Cato’s Hike”, my new game to teach children (and adults) basic programming! Please check out and enjoy 🙂

Please note, I’ve worked on updating all performance issues, if you still have any please send me feedback from the app in addition to on the app store. I couldn’t reproduce any performance issues on the iPad3 as in one of the reviews.

– iPhone 5 and iOS 6 fixes
– fix using the new pencil mode on iOS 6
– save/restore last used pencil settings
– many stability and OpenGL crash fixes, especially multitasking
– fix rendering tracing grid to not show extra lines or crash on resize
– added support for the new iOS 6 sharing sheet for cleaner sharing UI
– raise limit to 3 traces in Trial mode
– fix problem using “Open With…” when already tracing
– eraser fixed to be round shape
– retina pencil icon and remove old icons




6. Pageonce – Money & Bills

Pageonce – Money & Bills - Pageonce, Inc


Never miss a bill payment again – pay & track all your bills for FREE! Get bill reminders and see your bank, credit cards & investments – in one simple place. Award-winning & trusted by over 7 million people!

★ “Cadillac of money management apps” – CNN Money (May 2012)
★ iTunes Staff Favorite (Nov 2011)
★ PC Magazine: The 100 Best iPhone Apps (2011)
★ iTunes App Store Essential (Nov 2011)
★ iTunes App Starter Kit (Nov 2011)
★ Best of 2010 & 2011, App Store Rewind

Get a high-level overview of all your bills, bank account balances, and credit cards – or drill down to see due dates, transactions, and even pay your bills – all from one simple place. Get real-time alerts and reminders about upcoming bills that are due, overage charges, suspicious transactions, and more.

With Pageonce, you can…
• Manage your money in one secure place
• Track your spending and see where you can save
• Pay your credit card, utility, cable, cell phone, and other bills on the go
• Avoid late fees – get reminders when bills are due
• Monitor your credit cards, bank accounts, and investment activity
• View account details & transaction history
• Get helpful alerts regarding fees, low balances, unusual activity, & more
• Add an unlimited number of accounts for maximum control
• Select from over 6,000 providers – we add more each week
• Access your account from anywhere – your iPhone/iPad or on the web

It’s easy to get started
1. Download Pageonce – it’s free!
2. Securely connect your accounts and get reminders & alerts
3. Pay your bills and track your money from one simple, secure place

Pageonce is safe and secure:
Pageonce adheres to the highest standards in security in order to keep your account safe and secure. We meet the toughest requirements set by the most reputable security organizations out there, like Trust-e, VeriSign and McAfee. Pageonce is dedicated to providing you a great service, with the peace of mind that your account is safe and secure. Even more, if you lose your iPhone or iPad, simply log-in to the Pageonce website and deactivate access from your device(s).

What’s new

What’s New in Version 5.7
★iPhone 5, iPad mini & iOS 6 support!★
★Celebrate our 4th year on iOS – get Bill Pay for free! ★
• File Cabinet: Free bill statement storage for fast, anytime access
• Improved interface for Bills, Account Details, Bill Pay, and Receipts

New in Version 5.6
If you need to cancel or change your bill payment, tap on the link on the payment receipt





7. Animoto Videos

Animoto Videos - Animoto Inc.

“….. took less than five minutes to make an impressive, share-worthy video. …. a great option for the holidays or any special occasion …. when you’d want to share photos with loved ones.” MacWorld

Turn your photos into stunning, professional-quality videos, complete with music and text, with Animoto’s free app!

Parties, holidays, trips and family events – you’ve got a ton of photos on your phone just waiting to be turned into something incredible.

Choose your photos, video clips, music, and video style. Within minutes, you’ll have an amazing video slideshow you can save and easily share with everyone.

Features include:
– A unique video every time
– Multiple video styles, huge music library and the ability to add text to your video
– Preview and edit your video before producing it
– View videos within the app and on our site
– Easily share your videos via email, text, Facebook and Twitter or save to your Camera Roll
– Upgrade to unlimited full length videos within our app

What’s new

– Share your videos on Facebook faster
– Tag your Facebook friends in your videos
– Native iOS Facebook and Twitter login support
– Four new styles – Autumn, Fireworks, Inkwell, and Dance Party
– Support for iPhone 5’s larger Retina display





8. Storm the Train

Storm the Train - Chillingo Ltd


A one-way ticket to side-scrolling mayhem!

Send three gun-toting agents aboard a locomotive packed with zombies, robots, ninjas and relentless boss battles. Get trigger-happy with an arsenal of upgradable guns, drones and gadgets to complete missions and cause as much carnage as possible to rack up a high score.

Choose from a trio of agents to send on a rampage of destruction into the fray against unending hordes of zombies, robots, ninjas and relentless boss battles in this explosive, guns blazing side-scroller.

Take to the skies with a jetpack, use vehicles of mass destruction and the extra firepower of drones to storm the train in style and rescues hostages and complete your mission objectives.

Grab as many coins as possible and complete mission objectives to unlock new outfits, guns, gadgets, drones and upgrades – the more mayhem you cause, the higher your score.

IPod 5th Gen owners – we know some of you have had trouble with controls – we are working to solve this and will have an update for you as soon as possible. Sorry

Game Features
•Classic side-scrolling gameplay with explosive action
•Upgrade weapons, drones, and gadgets
•Amazing action and deadly enemies
•Destroy as much as possible to get the highest score
•UNIVERSAL: Works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad





9. Wave Timer – Hands Free Timer

Wave Timer - Hands Free Timer - Augmented Minds

Wave Timer is not your ordinary kitchen timer. Wave Timer is something new… Wave Timer is a hands free timer, allowing you to turn off the alarm with the wave of your hand. With Wave Timer, you never have to touch your phone to disable the alarm, just wave off it off! No more getting your phone dirty as you cook, clean, exercise, or do just about anything where your hands may be busy!

How it works:
Wave Timer is a revolutionary timer application that will change the way you do everyday activities! Utilizing Motion Control and detection, you never need to touch your phone again to turn off the alarm, just wave your hand over the device when the alarm is sounding, and Wave Timer will silence the alarm for you!

Try Wave Timer and you wont go back to those other ordinary timer apps ever again!

★★Due to multitasking limitations, Wave Timer must be running in the foreground for Motion Detection and custom alarms. Please remember to leave the app open when you run it for motion control. However, in case you forget to open the app, the Digital alarm will play and notify you (a.k.a. Background Alarms).★★

★★Motion Detection requires a front facing camera.★★


10. HDR FX Pro

HDR FX Pro - JellyBus Inc.

More than 3 million downloads

– Pro Version Only $1.99 → FREE
– JellyBus Photo Apps : HDR FX, Beauty Booth

iOS 6 requires turning ON in “iPhone’s Settings – Privacy – Photos – HDRFX” in order to save photos to Camera Roll.

★★★★★ HDR FX

HDR FX will change your lifeless photos into living and impressive moments.

“Bring Some Magic To Your Photos With HDR FX”
— Andy Nicolaides, AppAdvice

“A Comprehensive iPhone Photo Editor With Variety Of Filters”
— Hamza Khalid, addictivetips

“No.1 in 45 countries, Photo&Video”
— March, 2012

HDR FX allows you to have Single-Photo HDR Effect on your photos and at the same time to experience special functions that HDR FX provides. It helps you make photos look more impressive and gorgeous than what you experience in a real world.

A magical experience will be shown on your phone. Sceneries in travelling, beautiful sky around sunset, first snow near daybreak and so on…No matter what is taken, the magic promises more beautiful and breathtaking photos.

– HDR : High Dynamic Range
– Video Review :

◆ HDR FX meets Instagram!
You can share awesome photos from HDR FX to Instagram.

◆ HDR Preset specialized to Scenery
42 different HDR Preset is provided in three themes : Scenery, sky, and ground. You will experience a high quality of editing such as choosing Single-Photo HDR highly matching to each photo, saving immediately, and even editing more details.

◆ Limitless combinations of HDR effect!
You can simply apply a preset by choosing out from the filter list. Moreover, with the use of Shuffle button in HDR Lab, you will have unlimited photographic effects with various detail settings.

◆ Automatic photo analyze and preset recommendation
As soon as a photo is loaded, HDR FX automatically analyze the photo and recommend presets highly matching to it.
If you are not sure which preset you should choose, just check out the HDR presets with star sign, which are recommended by HDR FX. 🙂
Bonus Tip – If you pull down the list, the presets in a numerical order will be sorted by frequency. You can use HDR Lab with a preferred setting!

◆ HDR Option Control
You can make your photo the most natural as you control Highlight, Shadow, and Opacity of a preset you choose.

◆ Specialized Effects for Sky and Ground
HDR FX makes sky and ground which are important points in a scenery photograph stand out. A beautiful sky view of sunset can become more beautiful, showing the awe of the nature.

◆ Elaborate photos with Textures!
You can elaborate the beauty of sceneries with an addition of textures. Moreover, with the use of shuffle function you can express varied styles of one texture and also control the opacity of the texture.

◆ Stylish Borders
Complete edition with putting a photo in a frame! Borders, which make your photos look more stylish, are provided.

◆ Load a photo from Facebook
You can import a photo from Facebook, which we use every day, and edit it in HDR FX.

◆ Simple and useful Editor
HDR FX is designed for everyone to use all the editing features conveniently.

◆ Features
✓ Super Camera Features
✓ Load a photo from Facebook and Camera Roll
✓ 42 HDR Presets : Scenery, Sky and Ground
✓ Shuffle limitless combinations of HDR presets
✓ Live Vignetting and stylish borders
✓ Textures and control on its opacity
✓ HDR sub settings : Highlight, Shadow, Opacity adjustment of HDR preset
✓ Specialized expression to sky and ground
✓ Various colors via Curve
✓ Analyze a photo and recommend highly matching HDR presets to each photo
✓ Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Flickr Sharing
✓ Compare with an original photo
✓ Crop
✓ EXIF Data
✓ HDR FX Manual

We are waiting for your feedback 🙂 Thank you!

Facebook :
Homepage :

What’s new

Hope you enjoy HDR FX magic!

[V2.7 update]

– Optimized for iOS6
– Supports iPhone 5 wide display
– Improved Instagram sharing

[V2.6 update]

– Improved Social Sharing Features
– Improved Crop Usability

[Update History]

– Super Camera Features
: Focus & Exposure Multi-Touch Control
: Flash Control with Torch Mode
: 6x Digital Zoom
: Grid & Leveler
: Anti-Shake, Self-Timer
: Geo-Tag
: Front Camera Reverse
: Save Original Photo

– Live Vignetting
: 4 Control Points with Multi-touch
: Dark/Light Vignetting

– Photo Sharing
: Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Flickr
: Sending to Instagram and other apps!

– Crop Ratio Option

– Border upgrade
: Brand new 34 border styles
: Control Roundness and Thickness



App prices are subject to change.




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