Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of the Week

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Here is our countdown of the Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of the Week.
Don’t let these gems pass you by. 
Save your money, and go free!




1. Cut the Rope: Experiments

Cut the Rope: ExperimentsCut the Rope: Experiments - ZeptoLab UK Limited

(iPad edition also free!)


The NEW Handy Candy level pack has finally arrived to Cut the Rope: Experiments! Move the robo arms to catch, release, and drop candy into Om Nom’s mouth!

Cut the Rope: Experiments is a follow-up to ZeptoLab’s award-winning mobile game Cut the Rope, and features the familiar little monster Om Nom who is discovered by a mad (but not bad) scientist determined to study his candy-loving behavior through a series of experiments.

Cut the ropes, move robo arms, release candy into Om Nom’s mouth, collect shiny gold stars, and unlock new levels.

Join millions of people around the globe and help the Professor and Om Nom get through these wacky experiments!

Key Features:
– 150 new experiments (levels) across 6 colorful new settings, with more to come!
– 6 level packs: Getting Started, Shooting the Candy, Sticky Steps, Rocket Science, Bath Time, and Handy Candy
– New gameplay elements like rope guns, suction cups, rockets, water, and robo arms!
– New storyline featuring commentary from the Professor
– Find hidden evidence for the Professor’s photo album and share it on Facebook or Twitter
– New achievements and leaderboards – compare your progress to other rope cutters around the world!

What’s new

– 25 new levels featuring new game element – mechanic arms
– New localizations (Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean)
– New photo of Om Nom in the Professor’s Album
– New achievements and a new leaderboard




2. Facebook Camera

Facebook CameraFacebook Camera - Facebook, Inc.

With Facebook Camera, you can share photos on Facebook faster than ever, and see what friends are up to in a feed of nothing but their photos.

–Post a bunch of photos at once
–See friends’ latest photos in one place
–Play with crops and filters
–Tag friends, add captions and say where you are
–See photos from different apps

What’s new

Minor updates




3. Yahoo! Axis – A Search Browser

Yahoo! Axis - A Search BrowserYahoo! Axis - A Search Browser - Yahoo!


Yahoo! Axis is a new browser that redefines what it means to search and browse the web on your iPhone, iPad, and even your desktop.

Axis offers the only one-step search experience that allows you to enter your search, see and interact with the results, and find what you need without ever leaving the page you are on. Plus, it includes rich, visual snapshots of each result so you can preview the site before you visit it. Axis finds your answers fast and always keeps you moving forward.

Axis is also the only mobile browser that works with your favorite desktop browser (via a plug-in) to automatically connect your online experiences across all your devices. Your bookmarks and recently visited pages are always available wherever you need them. Set a bookmark on your iPad and it will automatically appear on your iPhone and desktop, or seamlessly jump from one device to another and pick up from wherever site you left off.

Key Benefits:

★ Smarter, Faster Search:
Axis gives you instant answers so you can continuously discover and explore content without interruption. You will never have to leave the page you are on to view your search results again.

★ Connected Experience:
Axis allows you to pick up wherever you left off as you move across your desktop, iPhone, and iPad. It makes your recently visited sites, saved articles, and bookmarks automatically accessible across all your devices.

★ Personal Home Page:
Axis centralizes your online life with a customizable Home Page that provides direct access to your favorite sites and content across all your devices.

What’s new

bug fixes





4. Splashtop CamCam

Splashtop CamCamSplashtop CamCam - Splashtop Inc.


Memorial Weekend Special — FREE (regular price $9.99 USD)! Celebrating Splashtop Remote Desktop named by Apple as “Top 20 best-selling iPad app,” all Splashtop apps are ON Super SALE for Limited Time. Over 7 million users are enjoying Splashtop apps!


Peace of Mind from Anywhere! CamCam is the easiest way to remotely check on people, places and things you care about with live video streaming from your computer’s webcam! Keep an eye on whatever matters most to you from anywhere on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

All Splashtop apps ON SALE Today — Check out Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPhone, iPad, Android, WebOS, MAC, and Windows, the #1 app in 60+ countries — access your PC or MAC app and files anywhere you go!

* High-resolution, real-time video and audio streaming
(Note: Video and audio is streamed one-way from a remote computer to your mobile device.)
* Compatibility with built-in or external computer webcam and mic – no need to purchase separate home monitoring cameras and equipment
* Pinch-to-zoom and pan

* Check on your child and other family members when you’re not at home
* Monitor your children playing when you’re not in the same room
* Turn your PC webcam into a live nanny cam
* Never miss a big event that your computer webcam can capture
* Find out what your pets are up to
* Keep an eye on your home while traveling
* Watch your paint dry without breathing in the fumes

* Install the free Splashtop Streamer on your Windows computer – download from
* Compatible with all versions of Windows 7, Vista and XP
* A computer with dual-core CPU strongly recommended for best performance





5. Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3Men in Black 3 - Gameloft


The official game of 2012’s exciting action blockbuster, Men in Black 3, is now available!

We are the best-kept secret in the universe. We are Earth’s best, last, and only line of defense. We are above the system. Over it. Beyond it. We are “them.” We are “they.” We are the Men in Black.

Agent, humanity is in danger! The vile Radiant has arrived on Earth and he must be stopped now.
For the first time ever, you will be in charge of the MIB agency, but don’t worry, Agent O, Agent K and Frank will help you to run the agency and fight against this new threat to mankind.
Good luck.

• Train your agents and assign them to missions
• Access a wide range of MIB weapons and gadgets like the Neuralyzer, the Deatomizer, and the infamous Noisy Cricket.
• Build dozens of different rooms to upgrade your weapons and develop your agency.

• Travel in time to fight aliens in different areas of New York including Brooklyn, Times Square, and Central Park
• Utilize your agent’s futuristic weapons and equipment
• Meet dozens of aliens faithfully inspired by the Men in Black universe

• Invite your friends from Gameloft LIVE! & Facebook to play
• Ask for your friends’ help during fights to defeat powerful aliens
• Visit your friends’ headquarter and get rewarded for lending a hand

MEN IN BLACK™ 3, in theaters May 25th, 2012. In Men in Black 3, Agents J and K are back… in time. J has seen some inexplicable things in his 15 years with the Men in Black, but nothing, not even aliens, perplexes him as much as his wry, reticent partner. But when K’s life and the fate of the planet are at stake, Agent J will have to travel back in time to put things right. J discovers that there are secrets to the universe that K never told him — secrets that will reveal themselves as he teams up with the young Agent K to save his partner, the agency, and the future of humankind.

6. Kitchenator

KitchenatorKitchenator - Aikon Group D.O.O.

Kitchenator is FREE today with AppGratis

Kitchenator is simple and beautifull iPhone App that helps you to make kitchen measurement calculations and conversions easier than ever. When in doubt please tap question mark located in top right corner of the screen and help screen will apear.

What’s new

retina display fixes




7. I’d Cap That

I'd Cap ThatI'd Cap That - Krisp

✭✭ Number 1 on the free charts in the USA! ✭✭

✭✭ Number 1 Photo & Video app in the USA ✭✭

Follow on Twitter:


Would you cap that? Because I would definitely cap that.

I’d Cap That takes your everyday iPhone photos and slaps a hilarious (and often crude) caption on them. Save the photo to your library or share it with your friends right away! You’ll have a blast capping your pics.

☞ Hundreds of random, hilarious captions
☞ Never repeats the same caption
☞ Send to your friends immediately
☞ Choose a pic from your library or use the camera
☞ Tweet your capped pic in the app

Do not use I’d Cap That if you are easily offended. This app is for entertainment purposes only.

What’s new

☞ Added 300 more captions
☞ Push notifications
☞ Added further info on about page
☞ Camera now saves image immediately when you click ‘use’
☞ Better Twitter and Facebook integration
☞ Bug and crash fixes




8. DeliTape – Deluxe Cassette Player

DeliTape - Deluxe Cassette PlayerDeliTape - Deluxe Cassette Player - Umbrella Software Development GmbH

★ This Walkman for your iPhone is the No.1 Music App in 21 countries and No.1 of all apps in 5 countries including Brasil and Spain!!! ★ Get DELITAPE for FREE and spread the word!!! ★

Remember your tapes from the eighties? This vintage music app brings you back to the old days. Swipe through the finest tapes animated with great passion for detail! Fun guaranteed for young and old.

DeliTape is the Deluxe Cassette Player for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Easy to use! No setup required! It just works!




9. Mini Motor Racing

Mini Motor RacingMini Motor Racing - The Binary Mill

(iPad version also free)

Download the Store App and wish for more top rated paid apps like “Mini Motor Racing” to become FREE for a day!

Little Cars, BIG Fun!

Start your engines! The most vibrant, super-charged racing game you’ve ever seen is here!

Mini Motor Racing plays like a favorite remote-controlled car showdown, combined with modern tech to nitro-boost your engines! Play multiplayer against your friends or rivals, via WiFi, Bluetooth and ONLINE! Race in campaign competitions for big rewards! Upgrade your skills and cars to win more! It’s all here in Mini Motor Racing.

Slide to Play: 4 out of 4 – Must Have

“We wholeheartedly recommend it … looks fantastic … and is just gosh darn fun to play … If you’ve been wanting for an arcade-style iOS racing game, this is the one to back out of the garage.”

Touch Gen: 4 out of 5

“With impressive graphics, great controls, and a host of unlock-able tracks and cars, it could be the best example of the top down racer yet.”

AppSpy: 4 out of 5

“Gorgeous visual design; luscious, colorful environments and cute chubby vehicles … the controls feel fantastic with slide controls having an almost analogue smoothness to them and touch-buttons providing a decent alternative.”

Family Friendly Gaming: 91 out of 100

“This game is my new favorite racing title for this platform. I have been waiting for someone to do this genre right on the iPhone/iPod Touch. My wait is over.”


* UPDATE 1.5. Biggest, most feature packed update ever from The Binary Mill — including online multiplayer, sweetened visuals, new races, and more!

* OFFICIAL FRUIT NINJA LAUNCH BONUSES. Includes special themed tracks and cars for fruit mayhem enthusiasts!

* YOUR CHOICE OF CARS. Race in fully upgradeable cars, each with their own unique handling and style! Whether it be Sports, Hatch, Big-rig, Pick-up, School Bus, Hot Rod…the list goes on!

* WIN RACES, WIN CARS! Win races throughout the game and you’ll find yourself behind the wheel of the sweetest rides around including the official Fruit Ninja buggy!

* MANY RACE TYPES. Race on over 20 tracks, day and night, in varying weather conditions

* ONLINE MULTIPLAYER. Up to 4 players – WiFi, Bluetooth or over the internet.

* GAME CENTER SUPPORT. Invite up to four friends to play online via Game Center plus dozens of Achievements and Leaderboards!

* AIRPLAY. Mirror races from iPhone 4S to your TV screen for an even grander experience (requires Apple TV)

* ENHANCED FOR iPHONE 4S. More eye-popping visual candy taking advantage of all that extra power!

All this, and no assembly required!

What’s new

You asked for it, and you got it — Online multiplayer has arrived! Mini Motor Racing 1.5 is the biggest, most feature packed update we’ve ever made. Thanks to all our fans for your continued support. Here’s what’s new:

• Full online multiplayer (including 3G support!) – play against random opponents or invite up to four friends via Game Centre!
• A whole new Bonus Championship – hours of new content featuring 4 all new tracks with day/night/reverse, various weather effects & new themed music
• Several new cars to win, earn & upgrade, all with multiple liveries/skins, unique stats and style
• Several newly remastered tracks
• Enhanced specular shaders on all cars for all devices
• Support to play your own music while racing
• Shake to Nitro feature added
• Many more fixes, tweaks & polish making for the biggest update ever!

We’ll be monitoring the Online Multiplayer closely, so if you experience any issues, please know that we’re watching and are committed to rectifying any issues that may arise.

10. 100 Floors

100 Floors100 Floors - Tobi Apps Limited

Challenge Yourself and see if you can make it to the TOP! ↗↗↗

★★ Wow! #1 on the App Store. Thanks for all the support. More floors are on the way! ★★

Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzle!
30 levels of puzzles are waiting to be solved!

↗Addicting mini puzzles!
↗Complete utilization of your iPhone and iPod features!
↗Gorgeous graphics and different themed floors!
↗Constant updates of New Floors!
↗It’s FREE!

Make sure to contact us if you have good ideas for new Floors! 🙂

★★ How to Play ★★
↗ Unlock the door to get to the next level.
↗ To do that, pinch, poke, shake, tilt, swipe the on-screen images, to find a way to solve the puzzles.
↗ You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory.
↗ For the first floor, tap the green elevator button to open the door. Tap the green arrow behind the door to go to the next floor.
↗ For Floor 2, swipe the trash can to move it aside and tap the green arrow button behind it. Tap the button in your inventory and tap the grayed out arrow above the red arrow. Tap the green button once it is placed to open the door.
↗ Hint for Floor 4: What is the opposite motion of pinching?

Enjoy the rest of the game!

What’s new

★★★★ MORE FLOORS ★★★★★

– Challenge yourself with Floors 41-55!

Remember to send us any great ideas you may have for new floors!

(Read our review here)




App prices are subject to change.




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