Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of the Week

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Here is our countdown of the Top 10 Free iPhone Apps of the Week.
Don’t let these gems pass you by. Save your money, and go free!


1. Viggle

Viggle - Viggle

Watch TV. Get Rewards.
Check into your favorite TV shows with Viggle and get great rewards from Best Buy, Burger King, Fandango, Old Navy and dozens more.

Watch your favorite TV shows with Viggle.

Check in with a simple tap and start racking up Viggle points with every show you watch.

Redeem your Viggle points to get great rewards like movie tickets, gift cards and music. The more you watch, the more you get.

• What’s On: See what shows are hot and where you can get extra Viggle points, set show reminders and get detailed show information.
• Check In: Viggle automatically checks you into what you’re watching with a simple tap.
• Rewards: Redeem your Viggle points in the Rewards catalog for real products from top brands.
• Latest Chatter: Share your check-ins and tell your friends what you’re watching with Facebook and Twitter.
• Extras: Play games, watch videos and take quizzes and polls to rack up more Viggle points.





NAMCO ARCADE - NamcoBandai Games Inc.

Those gems of gaming that were so much fun back in the day are back, and are now available in the App Store! Namco’s arcade games, which turned the arcades of the eighties into centers of fun and thrills, have been completely restored for you to enjoy on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad! Whether you’re an old school pro or a beginner, be sure to take this opportunity to play these classic titles, packed with a unique charm that seems both nostalgic and new at the same time!

[Included Titles]

More titles coming!

Every day you can choose a title to play one free game!
Try all the titles and find a favorite!
Plus, by purchasing Play Coins, you can play all your favorites whenever you like!

Players seeking an extra challenge can compete with other players around the world in the online ranking board.
Rankings reset weekly so take a shot at getting a high score with any of the titles!

Players from all over the world can also upload replay data, so you’ll be able to see amazing stunts and discover eye-opening strategies!

The color, transparency, auto-fire function, and controller arrangement can be freely customized.
The virtual stick can also be switched between analog and digital operation.
Control settings can be changed from the pause menu.

Be careful that the signal is not cut off while purchasing something. If the purchasing process is interrupted, there is a chance that purchased items will disappear.
Be sure to back up this application with iTunes when deleting it.
If the application is deleted without back up, the purchased items will disappear.
Some items can be downloaded again, but this is not guaranteed.
*Free play credits are valid only for the day the application is loaded. Please understand that they cannot be saved for a later date. Free play credits are regenerated every 24 hours. 
*Play Coins are purchased in sets of 10, and a maximum of 20 Play Coins can be possessed at a time.
If a free play credit is available, it will be used before a Play Coin.

*This product only supports the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad 2. (Current as of January, 2012.)

Please keep this in mind before making your purchase.




3. Pixable

Pixable - Pixable

Pixable is a beautiful app that finds the top photos and videos shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Now, enabled for iOS 5!

★Listed in CNN’s Top 50 Tech Tools for iPhone★ 

★Featured in the App Store’s “New & Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot”★ 

Pixable ranks and sorts your friends’ photos and videos based on popularity and your connections, giving you a more personal viewing experience. Flip through feeds like Top Photos of the Day, New Profile Pics, Shared Videos, New on Twitter, and more. Keep track of your closest friends by following them, and receive notifications when they upload or are tagged in photos. 

“A slick experience” – The New York Times 

★ Feeds: All of your friends’ photos and videos are ranked and organized into feeds like Top Photos of the Day, Shared Videos, New Profile Pics, and more. Pixable analyzes likes, comments, tags and dozens of other variables to find the photos and videos you care about.
★ Twitter: Browse the photos and videos your friends post to Twitter from Twitpic, yFrog, Instagram, Picplz, Vimeo, YouTube in one place.
★ Follow: Stay up to date with your friends’ latest photos. Follow friends and get notifications whenever they upload or are tagged in a photo. 
★ Synced to Facebook and Twitter: Whenever you comment or like a photo on Pixable the same automatically happens on Facebook. Share, reply, and retweet directly through Pixable. 
★ Multi Directional Navigation: Flick left or right to browse through the photos of a category. Flick up or down to browse through the album of the current photo. 
★ Keep your favorite photos: just tap the # button to organize and share the photos you love.

What’s new

Bugfixes plus all the great features from 2.3:

✔ Keep track of your favorite photos: tap the # button to organize and share the photos you love. 
✔ Block friends: choose to see less photos of specific people.
✔ Graphic and design enhancements.

* Blocking someone is completely confidential, and the person will not be notified that he or she has been blocked.




4. Assassin’s Creed Rearmed

Assassin's Creed Rearmed - Ubisoft

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted…

Rearm your blade: Assassin’s Creed innovative multiplayer is now mobile! Exclusively designed for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Fuel your gaming needs with this innovative Assassin’s Creed experience…

Download ACMR for free to experience the first and only Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer driven by an in-game economy and expand your multiplayer experience by purchasing additional items, characters, abilities and more.


Compete with friends and foes from around the globe in 4 PLAYER REALTIME ONLINE MULTIPLAYER mode. Connect via the GAME CENTER using either WI-FI or 3G.

Hone your skills in SINGLE PLAYER PRACTICE. Compete with a friend via 1on1 BLUETOOTH. 

Be both hunter as well as prey. Hunt down other players and assassinate them before they kill you. Be as stealthy as a true assassin. Escape from other players taking advantage of both the crowd and your environment.

Walk, run, kill and stun, all with a simple touch of your finger. Observe a technological breakthrough with highly optimized, groundbreaking pathfinding.

From Venice to San Donato, Alhambra to Jerusalem; Play in exotic environments fresh out of the Assassin’s Creed Universe. Experience highly polished graphics and special effects that will take your breath away. 

Take control of Personas from both BROTHERHOOD and REVELATIONS. Customize yourself with dozens of blades, boots, belts and bracers. Explore your play style with a selection of ABILITIES to upgrade and master.

Play with your friends via the GAME CENTER’s social gaming network. Score some bragging rights with LEADERBOARDS and ACHIEVEMENTS. Be proud of that high score! Share your score, level, as well as achievements via FACEBOOK, TWITTER, EMAIL and SMS.

What’s new

– IPAD VERSION: Play Assassin’s Creed Rearmed in FULL HD on your iPad.
– 1 NEW MAP: Antioch.
– DAILY LOTTERY: Try your luck in the Daily Chance and win up to 100 Diamonds every day.




5. meta.DJ for iPhone – DJ. Mix. Beats

meta.DJ for iPhone - DJ. Mix. Beats. - Sound Trends LLC

Already a 5 star app on iPad, meta.DJ comes to the iPhone with guns blazing. Just when everthing seemed like pretend vinyl, you get an app made for today’s digital DJ/producer.

Get a track rolling, throw-in a drum part, go crazy with effects and then slam in a new track – all using the power inside your humble iPhone.

Basic meta.DJ for iPhone is free, and it’s spec is below. However, if you do the in-app upgrade to the Full version you will get:

• OVER 3X’s more beats for drumtron
• OVER 7X’s more Presets for SaMPL3R
• 130 more Loops in 13 Easy to use Loop Sets 

Upgrade to the full version to get High-Pass Filter, Gate, Stutter Loop, Stutter Stepped, Bitcrusher, Flanger, Glitchy Repeater, Reverb, Pan and Compressor

Master your mix with headphone cueing and iDJ Live control using knobs and platters!

This download for meta.DJ for iPhone Free INCLUDES:

Easily pull in any track from your iTunes library.

Set-up Cue points and Looped regions of your tracks as easy to use Presets. Auto-loop lets you throw in a loop on the fly and work it down to the sub-beat, bounce loop level. Work some effects on your loops to make it rise, then hit the drop.

meta.DJ analyzes your iTunes tracks, shows you the BPM, and can conform tracks to play back at whatever master BPM you select. Or turn it off if you just want the track to play at it’s original tempo.

Add any two virtual devices anytime. YOU decide between Track Decks, drum machines, synth parts and loop-based smart instruments and add them any time in your set.

A new take on the drum machine built for performance. You control the intensity/energy level of every drum part (kick, snare, etc) to push the mix or make ’em chill.

Based on grüvtron, you get a smart instrument for getting quick access to arpeggios, bass parts and more in ANY key at any tempo.

Mix and manipulate loops using a Looptastic device based on Sound Trends’ best-selling loop performance app Looptastic.

You get EQ, Filter, Delay and Stutter Gate effects, up to four (4) effects per device. Upgrade from the Free to the Full version for even MORE effects.

At the airport and at the last minute wish you had some cool, new House loops? Just go to the in-app Loop Store and select from offerings (some even free) that include loops from indie dance producers and established library companies (like beatport, Sonic Reality, AMG and others).

’nuff said!

HAVE AN iPAD? THEN you WANT meta.DJ for iPad, which was carefully crafted for all your iPad has to offer.




6. Vybe

Vybe - Vybe

Vybe is the best way to keep up with your favorite bands and artists.

Vybe is the first app of its kind, to bring you music experiences from the artists you love all in one place. It pulls together relevant information from across the web into one profile for each artist and puts it in your pocket. Vybe automatically updates you on new music releases, nearby concerts, videos, and more, so you can quickly and easily connect with your favorite artists. Vybe is the postman for music information.

-Push notification updates on new music, concerts, videos, & more
-Follow your favorite bands and artists
-iPod scan finds artists for you to follow!
-Preview and buy music from iTunes
-Find nearby concerts from your favorite artists
-Watch artist videos
-Browse artist profiles
-Customize what kinds of notifications you want to receive and how far you’ll drive for a concert.
-Share you favorite Vybes with your friends on Facebook & Twitter

Artists join Vybe here

We love feedback and want to make Vybe the best platform for artists to reach their fans and fans to connect with the music they love. Contact us at

We want everyone to be able to experience Vybe for free, so you’ll find ads in a few places. If you want to get rid of them and help support us as we grow, you can buy out of ads for $2.99.

We currently have two known bugs which are affecting a very small number of our users during the account creation experience
-Music library scan does not work while iTunes match is enabled. Please add artist through the search for now, we are working on the issue and adding a rescan options 
– When first installing the app some users are not presented with the “Sign Up/Sign In” screen and are seeing no data in the app. Please sign out then create an account and the app will function normally. 

We are actively working on an update to remedy these issues!

What’s new

Improved account creation process.
Location support on iPod Touch & iPad.
Fixed a bug that locked up app during account creation on iPod Touch or iPad.
Various Bug Fixes and Enhancement.




7. Klip Video Sharing

Klip Video Sharing - Klip, Inc.

“Top social video sharing app in the App store.” – VentureBeat 
“Blows us away…brings effortless, beautiful video sharing to iPhone” – The Next Web 

Klip is the best way to share mobile videos with friends and family. 

Klips are short videos that are fun to preview and quick to watch. With Klip you can capture and store videos of unlimited length on your device and enjoy unlimited uploads for free. Share videos on Klip, on Facebook, on Twitter, via email, via SMS or syndicate your video to YouTube. 

☆ Get updated in real-time when friends post videos. 
☆ Interact with friends through “likes” and comments. 
☆ Use hashtags in titles and comments to start discussions and contribute to hot topics. 
☆ Follow hashtags to stay on top of hot topics.
☆ Discover new videos to watch, as well as Klip users and topics to follow with our new recommendation engine. 
☆ Use multifaceted search to look for videos, topics and Klip users.
☆ Preview any video by swiping the video thumbnail with your finger! 
☆ Shake device to preview all video thumbnails at once! 
☆ Fastest video start and highest quality video streaming.
☆ Block users from commenting on, and viewing, your videos and profile.
☆ Full front and back camera support. 
☆ Unlimited uploads – for free! 

Klip is available for iPhone 3GS and above, 4th generation iPod Touch and iPad 2.

We’d love to hear your feedback. Please email us at with your comments and suggestions. 


What’s new

Klip 2.1 features:

☆ Universal search
☆ New high density layout for browsing search results
☆ Redesigned navigation bar
☆ Fixed login and video upload bugs

Klip 2.0 features: 

☆ “Suggested” recommendation engine; discover new videos to watch, as well as Klip users and topics to follow! 
☆ Redesigned klip watch page 
☆ Use SMS and iMessage to invite friends, tag friends, and share videos 
☆ Block users from commenting on, and viewing, your videos and profile 
☆ Find friends from your webmail account (GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL mail) 
☆ Significantly improved upload speed for videos captured in HD 
☆ Deep linking from Facebook, Twitter, Email, and SMS directly to videos within Klip




8. payments payments - Lumber Labs is the fast and easy way to accept credit card payments. 

Hold a credit card in front of the phone camera, and it’s scanned automatically! There’s no typing or swiping, and no extra card readers – just point, scan, and charge. It feels like magic, and you can accept your first payment in minutes. 

There are no contracts, setup fees, or monthly fees. You only pay when you charge a card. Pricing is 3.5% plus 30 cents per transaction, and earnings are paid out on a 7 day
rolling basis. is safe and secure. No card numbers or payment information is saved, all communication is protected with high-grade encryption, and our servers are hosted in secure facilities.

What’s new

In-app charge reversals




9. Color for Facebook

Color for Facebook - Color

The status update needs an update.

Use Color to update your Facebook status with a LIVE broadcast.

Instead of a tweet, a photo or even a video, what if friends could see what’s happening live?

Color is a live broadcast from your iPhone. Unlike videos, there’s no audio, editing or uploading. It even works with 3G.

Your friends can “Visit” you from their phones, their Facebook feeds, or on your personal profile. Color lets you select which friends you share with, so you always have control over who sees what.


The Next Web
“It’s honestly a new genre of sharing… Color has done something here that stands alone.”

Business Insider
“Using Color to Visit with others is almost like teleportation. We like the analogy.. the new Color is something you need to try.”

“There’s something to the concept — that notion of catching small glimpses into the lives of far away friends.”




10. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer - Skimble

Get in shape with workouts coached by expert personal trainers! Just in time for 2012 are Workout Programs that help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Whether you’re lifting weights at the gym or doing bodyweight workouts at home, Skimble’s Workout Trainer will help you get fit with 1000’s of free workouts coached by expert personal trainers. They will guide you through each series of exercises with timed, step-by-step audio, photo and video instructions with encouragement. Choose your area of focus or use it for weightlifting, running, weight loss, or yoga…there are 1000’s of FREE workouts!

Join the active community that has made Workout Trainer a top 10 free iPhone & iPad app in Healthcare & Fitness worldwide!

Step up your fitness and download the best app for working out:
✓ Just put on your headphones and follow along with audio instructions and progress cues 
✓ See instructional photos and videos that explain each move in detail
✓ Try Shakerciser to instantly get a workout just right for you!
✓ Create your own workouts: access use our multimedia exercise library with instant audio
✓ Schedule workouts and get reminders on your iPhone 
✓ Share your workouts via Email, Facebook and Twitter 
✓ Play your favorite music while working out 
✓ Try new and recommended workouts from the community

Workout Trainer is ideal for people who want to get in shape without using any exercise equipment. Also great for those who enjoy Tabata, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), timed workouts, P90X and CrossFit WOD.

Everything tracked with Skimble’s Workout Trainer application is synchronized with the website, so you and connect with the active community that has made Workout Trainer a top free iPhone & iPad app in Healthcare & Fitness!

What’s new

✓ ***New for 2012: Workout Programs! *** Complete 2-6 week Programs specially designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.
✓ Customize Programs based on when you want to exercise, what days of the week you can exercise and other notification settings.




App prices are subject to change.




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