Total Trivia iPhone Review

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Total Trivia, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, with an Android version due in February 2017 is a genuinely unique and interesting app. The concept behind the app is to take a trivia game and pair it with real life prizes and discount shopping, all with a real competitive edge.

To get the basics out of the way, this plays in a way you would expect a mobile trivia game to play, with multiple choice questions presented in an easy to use format with an intuitive interface. The game uses images in a good way, and there is a nice use of colour throughout the design.

You can play for free, and just enjoy what is actually a pretty fun and engaging trivia game. So, if you are simply looking for a new visual trivia game on iOS, this is a great free choice, and spending within the app is completely optional, and goes far beyond the usual fare of buying coins and stars.

Now, if you do want to win real life prizes or earn large discounts on products, things start to get interesting. Essentially, you pick an item that you would either like to buy at a discount or win for free, and participate in an online game with other shoppers to try to get the best deal. The way this works is that you must buy coupons before you start, with money deducted for them paying for the goods you are competing for (or not of you win!).

You can find out more about all this here, at the developer’s site.

It is important to note that everyone playing will get the same questions from any chosen category, and the same chance of winning as there is no random element here. The way it works is, that the better each person does in the quiz, the bigger the discount they get with the very best players getting the item for free. Shipping is free for everyone, and the developer says that the average player will get at least 20% off the retail price. Brands sponsor Total Trivia to feature their products, giving them a third of their revenue which is how they are able to offer such deep discounts.

Competing with other players for discounts and freebies is good fun, and I really liked the concept of the app. Shoppers only have to go for items they really want, and as long as you can do fairly well you get a decent discount on that item. I am sure that being an eventual winner, and getting something for free is super sweet.

If you are worried that you won’t be any good at the game, you can just play for free to get your bearings or, like I have said, just play for free forever and enjoy the quizzes.

Overall, this is a really neat idea. It works well as a free quiz, and if you are looking to get some excellent deals on goods, with a chance of getting those goods for free, then I would recommend giving Total Triva a go.


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Simon Burns is the editor and founder of VoxelArcade and The Smartphone App Review. He has been a fan of technology for over twenty five years and loves playing with gadgets and spending time with his family. You can get in touch with him via the ‘contact us’ section of the site or on Twitter by following @smartappreview


  1. I read four pages of reviews on another site and surprise, surprise every single person except one thought it is the best game ever and everyone said they have won multiple times. Lol, B.S. it’s obvious they have “ringers” to step in and win especially if they aren’t getting the price they want. Oh sure a few actual people do win now and then but it’s like every other B.S. site on the net. They are out to make large quantities of cash while trying to get as many people addicted to answering the trivia questions as possible. It’s rigged of course just like a few other reviews I read on a completely different site said they had played and played yet everytime they are about to win the same person or persons step in at the very end to win the prize. Now this is understandable if those same people only won like that every now and again but when the same person does it 15-18 times in a roll with what seems to be unlimited money then you need to take a step back and rethink the whole set up. When you are allowed to win it’s because you’re paying the full price of the item. They may tell you that you saved 20% but hell use your brains!!!

  2. Total Trivia is a great game. The prizes here are absolutely real. I have won dozens of tournaments now. You can win really nice items even if you don’t spend any money. The key is patience and timing. Here is a referral code to help you get started: Just enter the referral code stjono when signing up to receive 10 FREE coupons. That might not sound like much, but I have won multiple tournaments with less than 20 coupons. Good luck!

  3. Love this app. The questions are fun, but it can be nearly impossible to get anything without buying tickets. You can enter the code EmimyselfandI to get 10 free ones, but that won’t help after 6,000 points since it starts costing 16 after.

  4. I have played and it can be lots of fun. Yes you do have to spend money to actually win or have other spend using your referral code. If another using your code spends at least $5 on coupons/ tickets you”ll receive 1000 tickets/ coupons. It can take you far if you play smart. One thing I will say I am unhappy with is the wait for an item you’ve won. I won an item today (9/4/17) and it may not ship out until next month.
    If you like trivia and like to challenge yourself then just play for the trivia. It can still be loads of fun. If your interested in using my code it is “ieshabl”.

  5. For FREE tickets just enter the referral code stjono when signing up. I have played this game for a year now. In that time I’ve won over a hundred tournaments and have received a ton of great prizes. This game is challenging, but it is very fun.

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