Towers: TriPeaks Solitaire iPhone Review

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We have recently reviewed another game in the Towers Solitaire series, but here we have a game that is based more on classic solitaire instead of the puzzle based game we reviewed then. What both games do have in common is outstanding online features, plenty of content and superb presentation.

I would say that this game is even better looking than the last one, with the graphics taken up a notch in terms of pure quality. The tables look even better, and it is clear that this has been designed with larger screened phones and tablets in mind.

There are plenty of levels to get your teeth into, and it is all based around online tournament play. The tournaments are slower and more methodical than before, and each one can last up to three days, depending on how long each player needs., but the rewards are very large and you are not stuck playing one at a time as you can play multiple tournaments at once, which is a very good thing.


Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– excellent HD graphics
– thrilling sound effects
– rewards for your achievements, and big rewards for your big achievements
– the game is completely free, but if you wish, you can buy any gold or silver pack to boost your experience
– all-in-one friends integration: once connected to the Facebook, you will get your friends for competition, for challenge and for communication and help. Every your friend can help you with a live(heart) every hour 24/7.

Some words about the tournament
– here is no gambling, sorry, but you can win a real prize
– 2 player rule : you can’t play tournament alone
– every tournaments goes 3 days, but your patience will be rewarded with prizes, fun and challenge
– help your friends with a live (heart) as soon as you want to challenge them, they will get a notification from Facebook about your attention

The Facebook integration is a good touch as it helps with getting friends into the game very easily and you get extra rewards for linking your account and keeping friends playing. There are plenty of items and powers ups that you can buy with real money, although most of these can be earned in-game, which is my preffered method. The in-app purchases are actually reasonably priced if you do decide to buy something.

Overall, this is a high quality solitaire game with outstanding looks, plenty of content and excellent multiplayer options. Well worth a download this Christmas.


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