Track Down Those Stray Snaps with FindYou Photos

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There’s more to your photo roll than meets the eye. You probably see your smartphone snaps and only remember when and where you took them (or not, as the case may be for some inebriated parties), but in actual fact, there’s a whole wide world in the background of some of those photos. In fact, there might be a shot in your photo roll that happens to be the exact photograph that someone out there is looking for. They might’ve been at the same place as you and run out of battery. They might even be in your shots; who knows? Unfortunately, there’s no way to check, right? Well, now there is. An app called FindYou Photos will do just that; it’s new, it’s free, and it’s out now for iOS.

People are obsessed with finding photos of themselves. Everyone likes to see a nice shot of their face, and why wouldn’t they? Trouble is, tracking down all the shots of you that exist out there on the internet is a tall order. That’s where FindYou Photos comes in; instead of searching through hashtags (yawn), you search through time, date and place. That way, every photo that was taken at a specific location at a specific time is yours to trawl through. Clever, right? The app comes in the form of a simple interface, which you sign up for via Facebook or email. You can then upload your shots with the time, date and place parameters, so other people can peruse your work and vice versa.

Say you went on holiday, and visited a crowded tourist spot, where hundreds of cameras and smartphones were going off. Wouldn’t you be interested in checking out all the shots of the place from that specific day? Even if you didn’t happen to feature in any of them, you could check out all the different perspectives from many different viewpoints and maybe avail of some nicer shots as mementos or keepsakes. Same thing goes for parties and big events; wouldn’t it be great to have all the collective photos in one place? FindYou Photos is that place.

The app is a great idea that could have amazing implications in the future. It’s not time sensitive like Instagram or Snapchat; you could search for photos from five years ago as easily as ones from five hours ago. If you’re bored of the usual platforms and want a unique and clever way of sharing photos, give FindYou Photos a shot, and download it from the App Store today!



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