Trashboy iPhone Review

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Trashboy for iPhone is an interesting game, one that has maybe been ignored or missed by the majority of gamers on iOS. Playing very much like Gesundheit!, Trashboy is still an enjoyable game in its own right, with a distinctive graphical style, excellent presentation and well designed levels.

The game puts you in control of the eponymous Trashboy, and you must use all his abilities to complete each level by trashing the enemy robots while attempting to collect as much energy as possible. That is not easy due to the fact that Trashboy has no offensive abilities whatsoever, but must instead lead enemy machines to their death. If any enemies spot you, they will make a beeline for you, so you must try and lead them into trash areas where they will be destroyed, although you must be careful as you can be trashed yourself if you touch these spots.

Luckily, you also have the ability to shoot oil, which attracts the predators even more than you do. Shooting this on the ground will make any nearby enemies flock to it, although it only keeps them distracted for a second once they start eating it. It is clever use of this oil, which can also be used to activate switches and lower gates, that will see you through to the end of each stage. If you want to collect the energy pods lying around, you are going to have to be a bit more careful than that, as the pods are destroyed if an enemy touches them, meaning that a lot of planning will be required to ace each stage.

The control are pretty good. You simply touch the area you want Trashboy to walk to and he will go there, and you can also drag your finger and he will follow it. To shoot, you drag back, Angry Birds style. It is important to remember that you can drag back from anywhere on the screen and the character will aim in relation to your movements.

There are forty levels to play through, which will take you some time if you are trying to get all the energy pods. There is also a whole range of extra items you can purchase with coins earned in the game, such as extra acceleration. The game is quite stingy with the coins it lets you earn, so if you want these items, an in-app purchase may be needed. I think the game should let you have more coins for doing well in the levels, to be honest.

There are Game Center leaderboards, and achievements that are linked to social networks, so there are some extra bits to keep you coming back. The graphics are really nice, and a special mention should go the all the little animations, such as the way Trashboy is picked up each time a level starts, as these incidental animations really do help to give the game character.

Overall, I enjoyed Trashboy. There are some issues, such as the poor translation and low coin awards, but the levels are ingeniously designed, the animation superb and the feeling of quality consistent. I hope Trashboy starts to get a bit more attention than he has had so far, as his game deserves it.

Trashboy - TrashBoy


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