TRYO iPhone Review

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Online shopping has come a long way, but there are still a few drawbacks. One in particular reason to shop in person is to be able to see the actual product in reality to examine or try it on before it’s taken home. Now, with the help of AR technology on the iPhone, TRYO – Virtual AR Try On App is here to bridge that gap in the online shopping experience with virtual try on. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Have you ever wanted to try those new trendy frames or shoes, but didn’t want to go to a shop to try it on? Or, have you ever taken a chance shopping online only to find the hat doesn’t fit your head and now you have to deal with annoying returns? TRYO uses the power of augmented reality (AR) to let you seamlessly go from trying to buying in seconds.

Take the guesswork out of online shopping or changing up your style and try on 500+ lifelike products from your phone. TRYO’s virtual 3D try on feature lets users see what shoes, glasses, hats and more look like realistically on themselves instead of pictures of models.

Find 3D products from your favorite brands in hundreds of styles with just a few taps. Our app is simple and intuitive to use, so you can get to try on the hottest styles in seconds. Just open the app, grant camera access and you’re set! With TRYO’s virtual 3D product features, you can browse through hundreds of the hottest styles.

Eye it. Try it. Buy it. That is the slogan for the new app TRYO. TRYO allows users to virtually try on fashionable products and accessories from popular brands for a more satisfying buying experience. With over 500 items at launch (including products from Cartier, Gucci, Adidas, New Era, to name a few), TRYO provides users a one-stop shopping experience with the ability to virtually try on footwear, watches, hats, jewelry, and eyewear, with new brands and products added weekly. 

Using the camera on the iPhone, TRYO can show the product on the shopper’s wrist, head, foot, etc. Instead of seeing the merchandise on a model, they can see it on themselves, and from different angles no less. TRYO also includes a social element allowing sharing to friends via social media and text. When the shopper is ready to buy, TRYO makes it super simple to click a link to purchase from the retailer.

TRYO is very easy to use. Browse products and point the camera to where it should show up. The AR in the camera shows glasses, hats, watches, and shoes fitted where they should be in real time. The fit looks fairly realistic and gives a good idea on how the actual item will look. Favorite items can be saved for later and products can also be viewed in 3D for closer inspection. Direct links are there for easy store access and purchase.

I found this app very slick and entertaining to use. It made shopping definitely more fun and the AR video try on did have me considering items I might not have otherwise. The video image is similar to a SnapChat filter, and some of the products did look a bit cartoony. Even so, I think this AR try on is a game changer for online shopping. While online reviews can help online shoppers, different users will have different experiences and it is not always a universal recommendation for everyone. The ability to see the product on yourself makes it a bit easier to decide on what purchase is right for you with less worry that it will end up being returned. I do wonder if products are true to size in these images, but I cannot confirm until I have received a purchase.

Whether you are an avid online shopper or just a casual one, TRYO – Virtual AR Try On App is definitely a recommended way to shop for those sought after accessories. The app is now available for free in the App Store.


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