Tumblr Has Big Update for iOS

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Tumblr - Tumblr

Tumblr has updated their mobile experience with a new and improved iOS app. The new update has definitely brought with it a faster and a more user friendly experience.iPhone Screenshot 4

Here’s the update information from Tumblr:

We’re so thrilled to tell you that our app is now completely native! Get ready for a faster, smoother, and more responsive Tumblr Dashboard.

– Completely redesigned Dashboard — bigger photos and faster post loading.
– Spiffy new notification previews — see exactly which posts were liked, reblogged, or replied to!
– New blog screens with blog portraits and descriptions.
– GIFs play automatically on your Dashboard! Slide your finger across to view frame by frame.
– New gestures — swipe right on any screen to go back to the previous view; long tap photos, links, tags, and post headers for more options.


There are some much needed improvements here. As great as Tumblr is for blogging and expressing creativity on the web, the app has always left something to be desired. That goes for posting and viewing. One really needed feature was the GIF compatibility. Tumblr is known for being riddled with GIF and photo posts, which means support for these images is pretty important. Along with these changes also comes a better notification system. Now if someone comments or reblogs your post, you will know about it.

All of these changes make for a much better and more social Tumblr. Facebook better watch out.


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Tumblr - Tumblr


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