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TuneBot - Cal Stach

The iPhone is the ultimate one stop shop device. Awaking you with an alarm, keeping your schedule in order with a calendar and also a plethora of other apps to entertain and help keep you productive. What it has also done is revolutionized the way music is found, bought and carried. iTunes is a super application for the purchase of goods and managing your accounts, but the way to discover new music is mostly through what is featured on the main page.  Now there is a new kind of app surfacing that is built for those music enthusiasts that like to explore and find great music.

TuneBot is a manager like application for your music library. It reads your iTunes music stored on your phone and loads the information into a beautiful interface to display all artists and albums. Aside from organizing what you listen to, TuneBot will also show you what you’re missing. For instance, I purchase the new Florence and the Machine album, TuneBot will show that album, it’s info and allow me to listen to it. But it will also show me the albums I don’t have. I can listen to snippets from those albums as well and even purchase it through a link that will take me directly to iTunes. Very smart.

While the TuneBot app is there to turn you onto what you already like, it also wants to suggest some similar music in hopes of getting you to discover something new. Through the Music Discovery Tool you can browse the selections, and again you are lead to various artists and albums, including snippets of each song that you are able to listen to as well as a link to buy through iTunes. The app is also able to send push notifications to notify you when an artist’s new release is available. Airplay is enabled for listening through external speakers if you choose.

The web based server fetches all the information, keeping your phone from being bogged down from downloaded files. The interface looks great and I love the swiping action to browse through the catalog. You can even zip to certain artists by using the lettered bar on the right to swipe up or down to the desired artist name. If there are any complaints, it would be that loading can be slow at times. This is mostly due to big music libraries. The app does take time to go through them to load all of your information. Though the developers have mentioned they are working on this issue. Other promising updates to come are push notifications for concert listings near you and making playlists on the fly.

For me personally, I just switched to Spotify, so less music is carried on my device lately. And even if I do download any through it, TuneBot will not see it, or be able to play it for me. If you are an iTunes match customer, this may also be the case, so just a heads up on those of you who do use those services.

TuneBot is a great little music discovery app and I was impressed on it’s capabilities. Though there is room for improvement, I think it is a great start and can only get better. It’s on sale now in the App Store at half price for a mere $1.99.






TuneBot - Cal Stach


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  1. Looked at it, loved it, bought it, cant wait for upgrades just a note on the alarm, it would be great to have an alarm to wake me with my favourite music. 

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