TweetBot for iPhone Review

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Tweetbot — A Twitter Client with Personality for iPhone - Tapbots

Twitter is certainly a booming social media outlet, and it isn’t going away any time soon. As popular as it is, there is a whole slew of apps to go along with it. Previously, I was a huge Hootsuite fan. It has multiple account management features that can turn any casual social media addict into a pro. But the buzz around the app community has been TweetBot is the best there is. Though it’s been out for a while, I have resisted the temptation to pay the $2.99 to find out. After the most recent update I decided I could ignore the chatter no more and gave in to the TweetBot hype, and boy have I bought in.

TweetBot – A Twitter Client with Personality from Tapbots is a one of a kind Twitter experience.  A great Twitter app is all about the user and Tapbots has tailor made the experience for the Twitter user. Chock full of useful features that the original Twitter client just plain left out, like Smart Gestures and Timeline options. But let’s slow down a bit and start with the Timeline.

Twitter has made a nifty ability to add people to lists, easily separating different interests and organizing those you follow into easier to maintain categories. What’s even better is you don’t even have to be a follower to add someone to a list. The down side, the main Twitter app seems to like to make things difficult when it comes to adding or amending people to your lists. For some reason when you visit a user’s profile there is no option to add them to a list. So you end up doing it from the computer, but if you are like me you NEVER view Twitter on the computer. Why? Because it’s on your phone! So there go my lists getting all dusty and disorganized like I never managed them at all. In comes TweetBot where I can not only add someone on a list from their profile, but view my list as a timeline with a click of a button. Simply tap the top of the screen where it reads Timeline and you are given the option to switch to the list and timeline of your choice.

Next the Smart Gestures, though they are more like Genius Gestures if you ask me. I always thought there was room for improvement when it came to the Twitter app as far as short cuts were concerned. When I am on Twitter I wanna read, respond and continue on. When I discovered TweetBot would allow me to do all of the above within the Timeline, I was in heaven. First of all, when you tap a tweet it brings up a small tool bar that gives you the options to reply, retweet, favorite, copy/email tweet and other options that will allow you to see more details of the conversation or even translate the tweet. That’s just for tapping the tweet! Tap the avatar and it will bring up the user’s profile where you can not only see their information and manage list options, but disable an accounts’ retweets from showing in your feed, or Mute that person for an allotted time without having to unfollow them! It’s almost all too much. But there’s more. Slide your finger across the tweet to the right and it will bring up any conversation activity for that tweet. Slide to the left to view the tweet itself in detail.

Of course what Twitter app would be complete without a main toolbar on the bottom. Pretty signature really, but what’s different about TweetBot is it is customizable. There is still your Timeline, Mentions and Direct Messages all bookmarked, but then you have the option to assign your most used features to the last two buttons. Choose from Profile, Lists, Favorites, Mute Filters, Search and Retweets by Others that easily assign by pressing and holding. The interface as a whole is simple and intuitive. I even love the little clicks and sliding sounds it makes as I use it. Thought and true care has been taken into account of every detail of this app and it shows.

Now it seems like I should be done gushing on this app, but, I’m not. In addition to it’s feature rich personality, and completely customizable persona, there are additional settings that can be assigned to the Twitter account. For one, notifications. Something lacking from almost every free Twitter app I have found is the notification. I must always have the native Twitter app on my phone just to make sure I am notified. Well no more. Other settings like turning off the sounds, changing the size of the display and choosing what feature a triple tap short cut will display are also available.

In short, if you love Twitter, but hate your Twitter app, TweetBot is the way to go. If you haven’t noticed, I’m quite a fan. I really can’t think of anything negative about the app to say. It improves on all of the short comings I have experienced with Twitter apps in the past and for that I am truly grateful. Now usually I am all about the price of free, but in this case I would say the $2.99 was a small price to pay for so much satisfaction. Twitter is here to stay, and I’m glad I have TweetBot in my pocket to enjoy it.


Tweetbot — A Twitter Client with Personality for iPhone - Tapbots


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Brihanna has been a tech fanatic and computer nerd nearly all her life. When she isn’t chasing around kids or glued to her iPhone, she is updating app junkies like herself on where to find the latest go-to apps.


  1. Hey, I use HootSuite for a while and I’m curious about what TweetBot does better in your opinion in comparison to HootSuite? Still unsure whether I switch or not.
    Additionally I use HootSuite both on iPhone and iPad.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi, unless I am incorrect, Tweetbot allows you to view an entire conversation while hootsuite does not, and allows you to see your own retweeted tweets and you can edit your profile on tweetbot. could be wrong though 🙂

  2. HootSuite is a very good app, especially if you have multiple accounts to keep up with. It is also very customizable. But I felt the website version had a lot more going for it than the phone. I also experience a lot of crashes on the iPhone version when trying to schedule or send out new tweets. It has gotten better, but there are always bugs. So far, I have experienced none of that with TweetBot and also love that I get notifications for almost every aspect of my account. HootSuite is great for free, but TweetBot brings it to the next level.

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