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TweetCompare - Twitter Stats - CellcodeTwitter has become somewhat of an enigma. It is a complex network of friends, strangers and celebrities. As a social marketing tool, it is just that, a tool. And it is a very helpful one at that, especially for those trying desperately to get their name out there, you have to have a strategy. With any good strategy you will pick up tools that help your process and plan succeed. A number of tools exist in Twitter itself, along with a plethora of widgets. But if you’re the social media manager on the go, you will need an app. One such app that can help is TweetCompare.

TweetCompare will link to your Twitter account and give you a measurement of your tweets, followers, those following and lists. It will also load all the twitterers you follow so you can size up your stats with theirs. It’s customizeable by allowing you to select only those you want to compare with. This is great for the business or person trying to model their account after another. It gives real insight on what you are doing compared to others. And the ability to access this on the go is a one of a kind factor here.

The interface and graphics are simple but colorful, with bright blue and pink for the graphs on a black background. I have always preferred an app with a black background for readability so I really like the way TweetCompare is set up. Your stats are displayed in a bar graph so it is easy to compare the results. It also includes the real number of the result at the end of each graph which helps if your bars seem even.

To setup you just sign in with your twitter account. If you have multiple accounts you can always sign out and sign in with another. TweetCompare will allow you to store up to 5000 contacts. You can compare as many as you want and to refresh your results there is the familiar pull down bar.

This app is definitely for the Twitter professional or just the plain obsessed. But it works as advertised and the description promises for many added features to come. It will definitely be one I will have my eye on to see how it progresses.

TweetCompare - Twitter Stats - Cellcode


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