Twitter Update Adds Photo Filters

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The recent shunning of all things Instagram from Twitter seems to be complete, as a mobile app update brought photo editing, complete with filters, to the service late yesterday.iPhone Screenshot 3

Now when adding a photo to a tweet, there are 8 new filters to choose from. The update information in the App Store mentioned that these new photo filters have been supplied by Aviary, another popular photo editing app. The filter effects range from basic black and white to vintage tones. Cropping and auto correct features have also been added as well.

This may not be the Instagram replacement everyone was looking for, and though I am sad to see it go, Aviary is quite a good substitute and one I like much more than the Facebook Camera options and filters that were rolled out there. One feature I like about the new filter integration is the way it is displayed, as you are able to swipe through each version of your photo rather than tapping each individual filter to apply and preview it.

Though the backlash from Twitter users is sure to continue as Instagram and Twitter seemed to go hand in hand for a lot of them, this quick fix may satisfy a lot of basic users as, so far, it seems to work well and is more convenient. For the rest, there’s always saving to the camera roll and posting to Twitter once Instagrammed. The photo editing tools are available now for Android, iPhone and iPod touch.

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