Updown Fitness iPhone Review

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itunes iconIt’s that time of year again, the new year’s resolutions have started and with them, the desire to be in better shape. But who has money to pay for fancy personal trainers? Updown Fitness wants you to know you already have one, in your pocket.

Updown Fitness by UpDown Technologies, Inc. is your own virtual personal trainer that will customize your workouts and reward you with points as you progress to help you stay on a healthy track. Here are some of the app’s features:

Updown is a personal trainer in your pocket. Exercise on your own schedule with personalized workouts generated instantly, just for you. This smart fitness app is perfect Updown Fitness image 2for beginners and advanced athletes alike. Never plateau or get bored with 1,500+ available exercises. Choose your workout length, location, desired intensity, and pick from 5 workout types:

– Cardio: fast paced workout with minimal rest and maximal calorie burn for weight loss
– Strength: exercises that target specific body areas and build muscle
– Cross: combo of cardio and strength, intense workouts that enhance muscular endurance
– Core: build your six pack with a core strengthening routine
– Stretch: target specific muscles with a variety of unique stretches

After building your workout, Updown guides you through the exercises with visual and audio timers and a collection of high-res exercise animations.

What makes Updown different from other fitness apps? It’s SMART. It tells you exactly how much weight to use and how many reps to perform. And it learns from you and grows with you as you make progress.

Use the app’s “locations” feature to have Updown create a workout that uses the equipment you have. Workout at home in your underwear utilizing only your body weight. Or have Updown build you a workout that uses all the equipment at your local gym. There are options for everyone.

Just like a personal trainer, this fitness app keeps you motivated:

– Earn points and levels for exercising
– Compete with your friends for points
– View and save your friends’ workouts

For advanced users – try the custom workout tool. Pick exercises from our database and create your own routine from scratch. Save your masterpiece and share it with friends. Updown will automatically adjust the rep and weight numbers for each individual user!…

Sign up with an email address and set up a profile or skip it for later and use the app as a guest. The guest account allows you to try an Updown Workout before you sign up for a free account, which is a real plus in my book. Select your gender and your fitness experience between beginner, intermediate and advanced. Then generate a workout from one of the following categories: cardio, core, cross, strength, and stretch. Once you pick a workout type, enter your location, duration you would like the workout to last and an intensity level. Click generate workout and Updown Fitness will show you a preview of your customized workout.

The format of the preview is almost like a playlist of exercises. The preview lists the options it has chosen based on your location and equipment available with the amount of repetitions required and the length the workout will take to complete. Any of this can be adjusted to your liking by changing the order of the lesson, repetitions and rest details. You can even mix it up by randomizing the moves to shuffle the order automatically. You can see an animated demonstration of any move in the list by clicking the eye icon to the right, very helpful for beginners who might not be familiar with activities by name. Once you have it fine tuned the list to your liking, hit start and begin feeling the burn. The customization features are really great for advanced users and beginners alike to create workouts they enjoy and are comfortable with.

Updown Fitness really is the full feature personal trainer in your pocket, no other equipment required. The account is free so you really have nothing to lose. The app is available in the App Store now for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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