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No likey, no lighty! So says the presenter of the holiday camp style entertainment show ‘Take Me Out’. However, new app Us Likey, available for iPhone and Android through the Apple iTunes App Store, asks you to state when you ‘likey’ something in a positive way.

The app is all about sharing your love for products and any purchasable items, creating conversations that always start on your like of certain things. These can be absolutely anything you want; all you need to do is take a snap of the thing you like, or find it in the browser and share it on the app with a comment. Your friends can than say what they think about it, and add it to their favourites if they so choose.

The great thing about the app is that, after a while each person get a genuine definition of their specific tastes. It is great for gift shopping, to say the least.

Here, straight from the developer, are some of the best features of the app:

•Discover, organize and save things to your Me Likey collection.uslikey

•Save, upload, and post images from the integrated camera or use the app’s browser to fetch images from your favorite sites to add to your Me Likey collection.

•Use photo filters to create cool, unique and vibrant posts.

•Discover new products, places, brands, styles, etc. 
through #hashtags and our Discover feature.

•Have fun sharing and sending recommendations to friends.

•Share all the specifics of what you like, want, buy and discover.

•Connect with friends using your contact list or social media.

•Facebook integration to share your posts.

•Never again guess what your friends are REALLY into – check out their profiles to learn more about them!

It isn’t just retail items you can share, things like meals in restaurants and wine can also be used, which actually makes it a pretty good way of getting meal and restaurant recommendations from people you really trust, your friends.

You can add friends from Facebook, and also share your Us Likey posts straight to Facebook with its deep integration into the social networking site. You can also use you own contacts to invite and add friends to the app, for those not on Facebook.

The app is clean and well designed, with an intuitive and useful interface that is designed around getting those images front and centre, without losing that vital extra information. There are also some cool filters you can add to your photos to give the items a unique look.

Even if you don’t have many friends that end up using the app, there is a neat discover function for finding new posts, as well as a useful hashtag system.

Overall, this is a welcome addition to the range of social apps on iOS, as it comes with a unique hook and is thoughtfully designed. Well worth a second look.


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