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No, this isn’t one of those ‘angry’ YouTube reviews of an iPhone, but a game from Nakedbit. Very Angry, available for iPhone and iPad via the Apple iTunes App Store, is a new action puzzle game that will test your powers of coordination, as well as your patience, as the title implies.

The game puts you in control of three…things. Strange little creatures with different coloured hair that you must guide through a series of obstacle-strewn levels. The action is viewed from above, and scrolls vertically as the three bumble their way towards the top of the screen.veryangry

Each character walks along a straight path, and you can touch and hold them in order to make them change lanes to avoid bumping into things. Two of the little critters can also be stacked in the same lane at once, with the one in the lead taking priority when approaching coloured blocks. So, if you have a green and a red character in the same lane, and you are approaching a red block, you must make sure that the red guy is in the lead, as the block will not let you pass otherwise.

Rocks and other obstacles come thick and fast, and it can get quite manic, trying to keep them safe while also trying to match them up with the correct colours to get past the blocks. The key to finishing each stage is to find three mushrooms, which then unlocks the next level. You can complete any stage without finding mushrooms, but the next level will remain locked.

The tricky part is that the mushrooms also have their own colour, and can only be gathered by the corresponding character. The developer has built the game around this function, and each level is set out to make it difficult to switch characters in time.

One issue I do have here is how the game handles it when two characters share a lane. When you join two up, the one you are moving automatically gets moved to the back of the queue, leading to some confusion, especially as the only way to get him to the front is to switch characters around again by moving to front-runner to another lane and back again. I would like to be able to simply tap a creature to move him to the front of the queue.

One really great touch is how the action slows down when you are holding or moving a character around, which really helps to keep things from becoming too hectic.

The graphics are decent with some nice animation on the characters, and the 3D world map is a nice addition and has obviously had a lot of effort put into it. There is social integration with Facebook so you can see where your friends are in the game, and although there is a limit on how many tries you get within a certain time, there are free boosts available to negate this somewhat. I would also like to see Game Center integration in the future.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with Very Angry. The presentation is decent, the gameplay is good and more levels are coming. A free download, Very Angry is well worth your time.



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